The Spirit of my late pregnant wife episode 7


After Deborah graduated and call to Bar

Destiny told his dad and stepmom (The strange lady) that he would bring his fiancée to show them next week on Wednesday

A few days later, The strange lady(Jennifer’s incarnate) sat Daniel down and talked to him strangely

Strange lady: Honey prepare yourself we’re leaving this world to another world by next week, I have accomplished all my missions

Daniel: Jennifer what are you talking about, I don’t understand

Strange lady: I said we’re going home by next week

Daniel: Which Home are you talking about?

Strange lady: Another world

Daniel: Are you drunk?

Strange lady: Honey just get ready, we’re relocating to our home by next week. .

At midnight, she woke Daniel up and still reminded him,

Strange lady: Honey don’t forget that we’re going home next week

Daniel: Jennifer this your m@dness is getting out of hand o, can you stop it

Strange lady: I will, but just bear in mind that we’re going home next week…

The circumstances were completely out of his hands, so he had to consult a spiritualist

When he got to the Spiritualist place,

Daniel: Wise one my woman has been saying Honey we’re going home by next, and she said it occasionally,
which home is she talking about?

Spiritualist: Sure you must go home with her, That lady that’s living in the house with you, is the spirit of your late wife,

Your late wife k!lled that lady that’s living with you 20 years ago, when your son was 5 years and turned herself to that lady,
She came back because of how you and your girlfriend maltreated her Son 20 years ago, so she has accomplished all missions on earth, whether you like it or not you must follow her

Daniel: Wise one I don’t get it, please come again

Spiritualist: You heard me well and clear, I won’t repeat myself twice, just go and prepare yourself, because she is taking you to the land of the dead by next week Monday

Daniel: Ahhhhh… So I have been living with my late wife for 20 years, this is beyond reality, Please wise one help me( he cried out)

Spiritualist: That’s impossible, she’s not a human, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done,
but why did allow women to lure you to k!lled your innocent wife?

Daniel: (with teary eyes) Wise one that girl told me to poison my wife so that I would inherit all her dad’s property

Spiritualist: You’re a big f@ol, leave here right now

After he left the Spiritualist place

He ran away from the town to another town, thinking that he would be free and save
On Monday morning, Daniel was about to travel to a very far town,
When he entered a bus, he never knew his wife(Lizzy) was also inside the bus and it was the real face of his late wife, Lizzy

She tapped him slowly, and asked him where were you?

When he turned back, he screamed out heavily, please don’t k!ll me

Lizzy: I told you we would go home today, and truly we’re on our way, so relax Daniel, we’ve accomplished our missions

On a Wednesday, Destiny went with Deborah to his parent’s house to introduce Deborah to them as his wife-to-be
When they got there, They met his parents’ servants,

Destiny: where are my parents?

House help: They travelled since Monday, are you not aware?

Destiny: To where?

House help: Sir I don’t know, call them na

Destiny: I have been calling their numbers but are not reachable, what sort of frustration is this?

Deborah: Babe please calm down

Destiny: why would my parents travel without my knowing, in which I told them that I would come with you today, to introduce you to them,

Deborah: babe am sorry about that, but you have to calm down…

3 days later, He still had not heard from his dad and step-mum, they began to search thoroughly for them but they could not find them

7 days after their dismissal, Destiny got the shocking news that his dad and step-mum d!ed mysteriously in a ghastly accident,

A year later, Destiny and his family members went to Chief Alexander’s house to pay Deborah’s bride price

After Destiny paid her dowry, they fixed the date of their traditional marriage and white wedding

They did their traditional marriage successfully

Then on their wedding day…… Something mysterious happens

TO BE CONTINUED… ( The Final episode will drop anytime in the afternoon)

Pls Guess what happened, you might be right

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