The Spirit of my late girlfriend


I got a shocking call that my girlfriend had an accident and died instantly on her way back from a hair salon, that she went to braid hair for her 20th birthday and I just spoke with her on video call a few minutes ago

Lucy and I have been together for 12 good years, we grew up together,
We attended the same primary, and secondary school and the same university,
we studied the same course, and we were in 200L when she passed away
Everybody in her family and her area knew me as her bf and the same with mine too

During the holiday, I went to spend my holiday with my grandparents

On her 20th birthday, she called me on a video call to show me her birthday hair

Her hair was extremely gorgeous and she looked extra-ordinary beautiful, I admired the hair and I intended to pay for the hair,
She told me that she would pay for the hair, but I should bring her birthday cake speedily, that her party will commence in less than 3hrs time

I promised to be with her in less than 2hrs, and she was extremely happy

She promised to sing “THE POWER OF LOVE” BY “CELINE DION” for me,

And she loved singing for me whenever I felt sad or depressed

We ended up the video call
I went to the cakery to get her cake that I had already paid down lately

Just as I entered the cakery I got a shocking call from her younger sister(Sarah)

Sarah: Hello Sammy, Lucy is gone(with a very sad voice)

Me: I don’t understand what you mean.

Sarah: Lucy is dead

Me: Sarah I have warned you about this pranking, and that’s why I detest you

Sarah: I swear with my life, Lucy is dead

I screamed out heavily, how? When? I just spoke with Lucy on video call a few minutes ago,
Sarah if I find out that you are tricking me, you will become my worst enemy

Suddenly my mum called and when I picked up she was crying bitterly

Mummy, what’s going on? I asked

My mum: Lucy, Lucy Lucy ooo, she began to cry

Mummy talk to me what happened to Lucy, I asked

My mum: my son Lucy is…..

Lucy is what mummy, I asked

My mum: Lucy is dead

Mummy when did you start tricking me?, you have never lied to me before, mummy why did you suddenly change, I asked because I didn’t believe her

Mum: Lucy had an accident, on her way returning from a hair salon before they could rush her to the Hospital, she died, and they’re moving her corpse to the Mortuary now

Me: I cried out, mummy you are joking right ?, I asked

Mum: I swear my son
Me: it is a lie mum, is a lie

I got a notification on WhatsApp, and it was from Lucy

I rushed and clicked it,
I got this from her,
👉 Bye bye 😭😭😭
👉I lov
and she was still typing,
I waited for her to send me what she was typing, but up till now she hasn’t sent it,
I started receiving condoling messages from my colleagues, friends and her friends too

I screamed out painfully and I slumped in the cakery and as soon as I slumped I met her walking very slowly on a very lonely road and she was crying heavily
I called her Luccccy……

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