The Spirit of my late girlfriend episode 9


On our way to Mabel’s village, We missed the road, we could not locate Mabel’s area,
The funny truth was that I had just gone to that area a week before Mabel passed away to pick up my children who went on a holiday
and I have been going there occasionally with my friends

The whole thing was really strange to us, so we started asking bus drivers and people
All of them responded that such an area doesn’t exist

We could not believe what bus drivers and people said

One of my friends brought out a wise idea, that we should Google it, we did that and we could not find the way
We thoroughly searched for the area on Google Maps we could not see it

Sammy, obviously you went to the land of the dead to do your traditional marriage, said my best friend

Guy that’s exactly what am thinking, one of my friends replied

Why is life so full of mystery?, I asked

My guy Lucy came to fulfil her promises and she has done that excellently, said my best friend

ME: Guy am still shocking o, so all those people that I met in that area were not human beings,
Let me call Tony her family member who was very close to me

When I called the number, they told me that the number didn’t exist, guy where will I go from here? I asked

Sammy just gives Lucy a befitting burial and always do whatever that will floats her boat

Thereafter I told my parents the weird news

My parents: Son don’t bother about what happened to you, we know the circumstances you’re going through are completely beyond you, that’s why you need to be very strong,
Lucy can not harm you from any angle unless you go against what she detests, put yourself together and give Lucy a befitting burial, because she deserves it and do whatever she instructed you to do,

When I came back from my parent’s house I went to her room and when I checked her pillow I saw the letter she told me about and she told me not to open it,
So I stubbornly opened it

I detested the last paragraph of the letter,

(The last paragraph)

👉My beloved mum and dad, please if you people truly want my soul to rest in peace, persuade Sarah to marry Sammy, so that my children will become your grandchildren because if Sammy marries another girl aside from Sarah chances are excellent that my children won’t be your grandchildren,
I have accomplished and fulfilled everything that I promised you people,
Mummy and Daddy you people should leave no stone unturned until Sarah marries Sammy,
I know Sammy doesn’t like Sarah, but when both of them get married I guarantee you people that Sammy will love Sarah even more than he loved me,
Mummy and Daddy for the last time, you people should leave no stone unturned until Sarah marries Sammy
The consequences might be very disastrous and mysterious if Sarah doesn’t marry Sammy
and I won’t rest until both of them get married 👈(End of the letter)

When I finished the last paragraph of the letter, I rewrote the letter and removed the last paragraph of the letter because right from day one I never liked Sarah let alone love her, I detested her because she was a trickster, gossiper, fighter, troubler, above all very arrogant and stubborn,

A week before Mabel’s burial, the Mortuary attendance called me and told me that Mabel’s corpse was nowhere to be found

I called my friends and we drove recklessly to the Mortuary,

When we got there, one of my friends started saying that the Mortuary must provide the corpse

I responded him
Guy you’re funny oo, have you suddenly forgotten the mysteries behind this same Mabel you’re talking about,
C’mon possibly Lucy doesn’t wanna stress me to do her burial

Sammy, you’re correct, said my best friend

I settled the mortuary and generalized the strange news to everyone

A week later I went to Lucy’s parent’s house and something mysterious happened…..


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