The Spirit of my late girlfriend episode 6


Just a few days after I resumed school in my new institution, I met this strange girl by name Mabel
The very first day I met Mabel, I fell in love so deeply with the girl that I couldn’t control my feelings for her,
but I kept everything a secret because I made a promise to myself that I would be single for a year because of Lucy
I felt madly in love with Mabel just like the way I fell in love with Lucy but I didn’t make it known to her
And she always told me unashamedly that she loved me so much she started disturbing me badly for relationship

I told her everything about Lucy, I told her it was just too early for me to start dating another girl , that I would wait for a year before I would start dating, that I wanted to use one year to mourn Lucy,
And she responded strangely
The story of your late Girlfriend made me remember how my boyfriend was killed by his envious Aunty, I have been together with him for almost 10 years, he was everything to me, I valued him more than my siblings because he was more caring than all my siblings,
he always stood by me during my hard times,
he always made me happy whenever I was sad,
he supported me in every angle of my life,
I intended to marry him and we promised to have 3 Children,
he was everything that has never happened to me,
he loved me genuinely, but his Aunty took his life untimely, he slumped and died at a barbing salon, since 2 years that he passed away I could not fall in love with any soul, because I had never seen any guy that I fell in love with until I met you
Sammy, I promise to do more than what Lucy used to do for you, believe me, I will replace Lucy
Wow! This is strange, that was likely the same way my late Girlfriend passed away too, she died on her way returning from a hair salon,
it’s well, may their innocent souls rest in peace,

Mabel, you can be like Lucy undoubtedly, but you can’t do half of what Lucy has done for me, she was the reason why I wrote Waec and Jamb, she did countless things for me, and we had been together for 12yrs,
so you can’t replace her at all, I responded

Sammy just give me a slight chance and I will prove what I just said to you, said Mabel

Despite everything I told Mabel, she kept on disturbing me occasionally for relationship and I continuously turned down her request

One day she snatched my phone from me and told me until I accepted to date her before she would give me back my phone,
I became upset with her and I collected the phone from her angrily and I warned her badly to stay off my path, that I would not be her friend anymore, that she should let me be and mind her business,
She left hurtfully and shamefully

That night I saw Lucy in my dream and she told me to move on that I should do whatever would make me happy, that if I was happy she too would be happy, she granted me permission to date another person ….
When I woke up I called Mabel and apologised because she was my source of joy and happiness, and she forgave me straight away
Nevertheless, I stood by my decision that I would be single for a year
A few days later Mabel began to disturb me again for a relationship,

I told her that I won’t break my promise because of her
And strange things always happened, any day I turned down her request,
that night Lucy must appeared to me in my dream and she told me to date another girl, that she hated to see me single and heartbroken

I disobeyed her and still stood by my decision,

Until one day Mabel did something strange and unbelievable because I always turned down her request, what she did was super strange and unbelievable…..

My amazing readers what do you think about this Mabel’s late boyfriend story?

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