The spirit of my late girlfriend episode 3


They were just about to take my corpse to a mortuary because Doctor confirmed that I passed away

I woke up instantly and began to shout crazily
Where is Lucy?
Where is Lucy?,
where is Lucy?
I saw her now, where is she??
Where is Lucy?
Are you people deaf?
Where is Lucy?

I scattered everywhere, I turned everywhere upside down, because I lost my sanity

I held Doctor cloth and tore his clothes, the Doctor got seriously upset

The owner of the Hospital was around, because it was a private Hospital

He came to see what was going on and when he came and saw how I turned everything in his hospital upside down, he began to shout at me heavily

And I crazily shouted at him too, I held his cloth and tore it pushed him and he fell heavily

Everybody was trying to hold but they could not, my family and friends were busy crying badly because they thought I had gone mad

The owner of the Hospital became extremely upset that he had to call Police

When 5 Police officers came to arrest me,

It was then my mom put herself together and narrated everything that happened to me to everyone there

All of them were extremely touched including the Police officers

I never knew that is what happened to him, said the owner of the hospital

What a wicked world, something needs to be done before he becomes mad, said the Doctor

One doctor said they should carry me to psychiatric hospital straightaway,

He’s mentally okay, nothing medically is wrong with him, he is extremely hurt, depressed and frustrated, the doctor that I tore his dress responded

Please, Officers, you people can go, I will see you people later, said the owner of the Hospital,

I tore my dress, and continue to shout
Where is she??
Where is Lucy?
Lucy, where are you?

Everybody felt my pain badly

They had to chain my hands and my legs before they could give me an injection that made me sleep deeply

From there they discharged me, and the owner of the Hospital told my parents not to pay my hospital bill

When I woke up it was at the midnight and I began to shout again because I saw Lucy in my dream and she pleaded with me badly not to cry over her anymore,
that the crying was disturbing her very badly, I promised her that I would stop crying but I could not stop crying because the pain was unbearable and uncontrollable

For a good 4days I could not eat or drink anything, I became extremely skinny

That Doctor that I tore his dress and the owner of the Hospital came to check on me to see how I was doing and coping

When they came, my mum told them, that since I left the hospital I refused to eat

The Doctor recommended Nasogastric(feeding tube) and Sleeping pills,
He told her to always force me to take the sleeping pill,
and when I sleep deeply
That she should carefully put the Nasogastric(feeding tube) on my nose,
blend the food that she wants to give me smoothly, and use a syringe 💉 to pump the food inside the Nasogastric,

My Mum did what the Doctor instructed her perfectly and I started regaining weight

Every time, I woke up, my tummy was always filled up and
I will be asking myself, what’s happening to me? I don’t think am okay,
I can’t reminisce the last I ate something
Why am I not hungry?
And why is it that every time I woke up my tummy always filled up?
I think I need to go for a medical check-up because what am experiencing is not ordinary, is abnormal
Does it mean that Lucy has been feeding me spiritually?

One day, my mum gave me the sleeping pills to take, I put them in my mouth and pretended as if I swallowed them,
With a twinkling of my mum’s eyes, I poured it away

And I slept off fakely because I wanted to see why my tummy always filled up whenever I woke up

An hour later, my mum tiptoed to my room with Nasogastric, syringe 💉 and blended food and I was watching her without her knowing

When she wanted to put the Nasogastric on my Nose……she was super surprised because of what I did…


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