The Spirit of my late girlfriend episode 2


When I called her Lucccy…
She turned back,

Lucy: ahhh!.. No no no no, Sammy please go back, is not yet your time (she muttered with teary eyes)

Me: am not going back alone, either we go back together or I will follow you to wherever you want to go

Lucy: Sammy I can’t go back with you and you can’t go with me please your journey is still very far, please go back, your family are crying bitterly because of you

Me: Lucy, what have I done to you?
why did you leave me within a twinkling of my eyes?
Why did you leave me behind?
Lucy, why did you hate me so much?
What have I done to you to deserve this kind of agony?
Lucy why? (I cried out uncontrollably)

Lucy: Sammy is not my fault, this is my appointed time, she cried out

Me: Lucy is it how we promised our relationship would end up?
We promised our relationship would end in matrimony,
We promised to get married as soon as we graduated,
We promised to build our future together,
We promised to make it big together,
We promised to have 3 children,
We promised to send our first grandchild to study in abroad,
Lucy why did you suddenly forget all our promises,
12 years being in a relationship with you and you want to leave me just like that, No Lucy we’re going together

Lucy: Please am deeply sorry that we couldn’t fulfil any of our promises, is not my fault, please go back

She ran, I ran and followed her
Lucy: please Sammy go back they are about to take you to a Mortuary

Me: No, am going with you

Lucy: please go back for the sake of your mum, she’s dying right now because of you

Me: No we’re going back together

I ran speedily to reach her but I could not

She ran and reached a very big mysterious gate and I was extremely close to her,
and as soon as she entered inside,
she speedily shut the mysterious gate vigorously…

Lucy, where are you? I asked

Sammy, please go… She answered me with a very tiny voice

I said I was not going anywhere and that I would wait for her here,
I waited for like 30 mins

I called her countless times, but she didn’t respond to me

As soon as I turned back, I woke up in the Hospital and I saw my parents, siblings, friends and grandparents wailing and crying bitterly,
they were about to take my corpse to a Mortuary

And I did something incredible in the Hospital when I woke up ……..


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