The Spirit of my late girlfriend episode 11


A year after Lucy passed away a second time , after all her warnings, however, I disobeyed her

One day, my children and I were about to travel to Paris for a vacation

When we got to the Airport, all of a sudden 3 of my children collapsed coincidentally and they started wailing and screaming painfully, their eyes turned white

I rushed them to a nearby private Hospital and when the Doctor conducted test , the result came out that there was absolutely nothing medically wrong with them,

Me: Doctor why are you this w!cked? , why did want my children to die? how can you say there is nothing medically wrong with them when they are dying

Doctor: Sir I’m a professional Doctor, there is nothing medically wrong with your children, and I can’t treat them or give them any medicine without figuring out what’s wrong with them,
possibly is a spiritual attack…

I took them to all the best private hospitals in the nation… They were still saying the same thing that there was nothing medically wrong with them

The circumstances kept on growing worse every day and the worst happened, they stopped eating and they didn’t sleep well at night

They wailed and screamed in the night till morning, which made me cry day and night

I ran helter-skelter to look for solutions to their problem but no way

Me: Obviously Nigerian Hospitals are not well equipped, let me take them to a hospital in abroad…

I took them to top hospitals in the US. still, the same results, that there was nothing medically wrong with them

Thereafter, I took them to hospitals in India, but still the same results

I took them to top hospitals in the world, but no hospital was able to treat them let alone solve their problems

Life was super frustrating and annoying

One day, my mum called me
Mum: Son don’t you think what’s happening to your children is a spiritual attack

Me: Mummy, I agree with you, please mum what do you want me to do at this juncture?

Mum: Bring those children back to Nigeria and as soon as you come back, take them to your Pastor

Me: Thank you very much, Mum, I never thought of this, I will do exactly as you said

A few days later I came back to Nigeria and I drove to Pastor’s house straight away

When I got there I explained everything to the Pastor

Pastor: let’s pray

After prayers

Pastor: Brother Sammy you’re are the cause of what’s happening to your children

Me: Man of God I don’t understand

Pastor: Your late wife begged you badly to marry her sister, but you stubbornly turned down her request, you’re facing the consequences now and this is just the beginning
She looked at everything you have and there was nothing more important and valuable than your children
So she struck them with a mysterious sickness, and the funny truth is that you’re the one that’s feeling the pains, not the children at all

Me: Please man of God what I can do to resolve this issue, what they are going through affected me badly

Pastor: The only solution to their problems, is you get married to your Late wife’s sister, If you get married to her, the sickness will vanish straightaway

Me: If that’s the case, am going to her parents’ house to pay her dowry immediately after I leave this place, Man of God I can do anything for my children to be healthy, I can even empty all accounts to make sure they’re healthy, and I can even give up on my job and my businesses for their sake

Pastor: that’s why your late wife struck them with mysterious sickness because she knew that’s the only way she could pressure you to marry her sister, indeed she was a wise lady…

When I got to Sarah’s place, her parents told me that Sarah just gotten married 3 months ago and she had moved to her husband’s house,

I screamed out whaaat??, Jesssus I am finished,
I suddenly remembered the last paragraph of the letter, I rushed to my house and brought the Letter and showed them the last paragraph of the letter
and I told them that am currently facing my consequences, that only God knows what will happen to you people,

When Sarah’s husband heard the news of me getting married to Sarah, He did something terrible …..


Pls what do you think, Sarah’s husband did?

1..killed Sarah
2…made her run mad
3…gave her love portions

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