The Puzzle episode 18

Episode 18


Fortunately for Rose, she arrived at the church premises as soon as pastor drove in. She ran to him and explained all that happened between her and her husband.

“Pastor, please help me. I know you are the only one that can stop him from leaving home. I have been careless, please help me talk to my husband. I have called him countless times on my way here, he didn’t pick my calls.” She pleaded.

“Take it easy Sister Rose, the matter will be resolved. Let me give him a call.” Pastor replied.

He called David immediately but he didn’t pick up. Both of his lines rang continuously.

“You know what sister Rose? You go back home now. I will leave here in the next ten minutes and come straight to your place.
You really made a great mistake. Why didn’t you confide in me all these while before things got out of hand? You should seek counsel instead of seeking solace in a man who is not your husband. The Bible says: ‘In the multitude of counsel, there is safety…’ Anyways, God will take control. Don’t worry, I will talk to Bro David, the devil is a liar, all will be well in Jesus name.”

“Amen sir,” Rose answered and left.

Shortly after Roseline left the church premises, a message came in on Pastor Daniel’s phone. It read:

“I am sorry that I didn’t pick your call sir. Don’t bother talking to me on behalf of Rose. I need to leave that house right now so I won’t misbehave. I am on my way to the house of one of my colleagues. I will call you later sir.”
-Bro David


Rose got back home only to discover that David had left the house with Debbie. She searched all the rooms frantically, hoping to see Debbie or hear her voice. She wished it was all a nightmare. She tried her husband’s lines again but he ignored her calls.

This is a man who hated missing her wife’s calls in time past. She knew she had bitten more than she could chew. The more the reality of what just happened dawned on her, the more tired and sorrowful she became. Her pregnancy condition is not helping matters either.

She sat on the bare floor of the living room, crying hysterically, tears of lose and regret.
It is indeed true that you may not know the value of what you have until you lose it… Aside God, family is everything…


Dr Michael left the hospital after attending to some patients that Sunday morning. He was famished and so decided to visit a fast food restaurant in town to get something to eat. He had barely settled down to consume the plate of food he had earlier ordered when David and Debbie entered the restaurant.
David wanted to get some snacks and food for Debbie because she only took tea before they left home.

As for him, his appetite seems to have disappeared…

Immediately Michael set his eyes on Debbie, he spat out the drink he had earlier sipped out of his mouth.

“Whaaaaat?!” He screamed, calling the attention of nearly everyone present. “What the hell?! Daniella? In Nigeria?”

He stood up immediately and walked up to where they both stood.

“Hello Mister, what are you doing with my daughter?” He challenged David, who stared at him like he was a mad man.

David looked at Michael from head to toe. “Are you sure you are alright sir?” What daughter are you talking about? Have you been drinking? This is my own daughter!”

Michael took a good look at Debbie again and repeated, “she is my daughter, Daniella!
Daniella, can’t you see daddy? Here is your Dad sweetheart, what are you doing with this man? Where is your mom, where is Eliz?”

Debbie looked at her dad, then the strange man and replied, “I am not Daniella, my name is Debbie.”

By now, nearly all the staff and customers seated in the restaurant were watching the ongoing drama.

“How come my daughter is in your custody Mr. Man?” Michael challenged David further and grabbed Debbie’s other hand.

David shouted, “Security, it seems this man had had too much to drink!”

People gathered around them and rescued Debbie from Michael’s grip. The security men soon entered.

“What’s going on here?” They demanded.

Before any of them could speak David’s phone rang. It was a strange number. He ignored it and turned to the security men, and replied.

“This man here is trying to claim my daughter and I don’t understand why. He keeps calling her Daniella while my own daughter’s name is Debbie.”

The security men turned to Debbie and asked for her name,

“My name is Debbie,” she replied them.

“Who among them is your dad?” They asked further, Debbie replied by pointing at David.

Young man, what proofs do you have to lay a claim on another man’s daughter?” One of them asked Michael.

Michael looked confused. One thing he was sure of was the fact that Daniella can recognize him very well. They do see each other often through video calls. Though, the last time he saw her face to face was when she was six, he had travelled to Texas to visit them. That was two years ago. Since then, they had only talked on phone.
“But why is she denying me?” He kept wondering…

When the security men couldn’t get a prompt answer from him, they whispered to each other that he might be drunk or probably a mental case…

Meanwhile, David’s phone had been ringing all these while. He decided to pick up. He thought it may be one of his clients…

“Hello, Mr. Evans, it’s Evelyn your neighbour,” came the panicky voice of the caller.

“I just tried checking on your wife now on my way to church but I met her unconscious on the floor of the living room, please come over, I have been trying to revive her all to no avail.” She cried.

“What? My wife?! Jesus! He pushed Michael out of his way, took hold of Debbie and nearly flew out of the restaurant.

Michael rushed after them, entered his car also and gave David’s car a hot pursuit

“For Daniella to be with this man, he must also know the whereabouts of Eliz,” he reasoned… “But could it be that Eliz got married to another man without my knowledge? Could it be that it was Eliz’s body that was found on the floor? I must get to the root of this matter..”
He thought all the way…

To be continued…

Okay now…
So, David still love Rose on top all the shakara. True love doesn’t fade easily, you know?

Who will help us tell Dr Michael that Debbie is not her daughter?

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