The Puzzle episode 17


Written by Moyosore Teniola

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Episode 17


Roseline ran to her husband as he walked to the bedroom. She knelt before him and held on to his feet, crying with so much pain.

“Please sweetheart, I didn’t cheat on you. I am so sorry I said what I said about me having an affair. It isn’t true, you have to believe me please. It is true that I do feel lonely because of your absence and our lack of romance and intimacy but no man has ever seen my nakedness apart from you, I can swear with anything. David, my life is going to be empty without you, don’t leave me please…”

“Roseline, get out of my way. Tell me why I should believe you. Why did you go for a pregnancy test and even collected the result without informing me if truly you have no skeleton in your cupboard? Tell me, why did you hide such a thing, considering the fact that we had both been trying for another baby ever since Debbie clocked two. Was it not supposed to be a good news, why keep it to yourself?”

“Noooooo, I didn’t plan to cover it up. I intended telling you when you arrive to make it a surprise, please sweetheart, I have no skeleton in my cupboard. Forgive me of my stupid utterance last night.”

“I can perceive that you are not ready to say the truth, I can’t harbour a bastard under my roof. Roseline, leave me alone. Don’t let me lose my temper on you.” David replied, releasing himself from her grip.

“Have mercy on me sweetheart, please believe me, I have no other person apart from you, if you leave me, how will I live without you?” She cried on and on.

All her cries fell on deaf ears, David’s mind was made up.

He walked towards the room and met Debbie as she was just getting out of her room.

“Hey daddy!” She greeted sleepily. Where’s mommy?”

“Hello Debbie, how was your night?” Your mum is in the living room. Go and get dressed, I am travelling this morning and you are going with me.”

“To where dad, is mum going with us too?”

“No daughter, she will look after the house while we are away, you know she will go to work too.”

“But Dad, how about my school?”

“Don’t worry about all that Debbie. Daddy will take care of everything. Now run along, brush your teeth and come for tea.” David replied on a final note and entered the bedroom.

“Mommy, Mommy! Where is Dad taking me to?” Debbie rushed excitedly to the living room in search of her mom but she wasn’t there.

Roseline had left the living room immediately she heard her daughter’s voice. She believed it wasn’t proper for Debbie to see her in that state. She had picked her bag and walked quietly out of the house.

“Mommy! Where are you? She called and went back to the bedroom room in search of her Dad.


Roseline was almost running. She needed to see Pastor on time before the Sunday service starts. She must quench this sudden fire that is about to destroy her marriage. She continued trying pastor’s number all the way but it was switched off. Pastor’s wife’s number got through but she didn’t pick the calls…

She quickly got a motor bike to take her to the church premises on time.
She knew the one person her husband would listen to was Pastor Daniel, and she strongly hoped all the troubles will be resolved soon.



Eliz and her daughter Daniella were seated on the couch in the living room watching a soap opera.

“Mom, when are we going to see Dad again? I miss having a Dad so much.” Daniella asked suddenly.

“Hmmmmmm, I don’t know yet honey. He is a very busy man, he is not planning to come to Texas at the moment.”

“Then, we should go to him, can’t we? I want to see Dad again. I miss having a Dad around me mom, whenever I see my friends with their daddies, I feel inferior…”

“Okay… Okay, Daniella, you want to go to Nigeria?”

“Yea mom!” She shouted gleefully.

“Alright dear. Grandma’s burial is in two weeks. I will take you with me to Nigeria so you can see Daddy again. Is that okay by you?”

“Yea mom, that will be fine! Shall we finally stay with Dad in Nigeria?”

“No Daniella! You are stressing mommy okay? We will go there only for a short visit, then we will be back to Texas.”

“Oooooohhhhh mommy, but why? Why can’t we live together like Sharon and Catherine’s parents, why mom?”

Eliz stood up from the couch and picked her phone pretending to receive a call from a friend.

“Hello babe…” She said walking towards the stairs that leads to the bedroom.

“Mommy,” Daniella called after her smiling mischievously.

“Are you really receiving a call or trying to avoid me? Look at this!” She held out a rectangular object.

Eliz felt so stupid, Daniella was holding the battery of her phone. She had removed it while they were watching Television…

“Come here, you naughty girl,” Eliz charged after her daughter as she ran past her towards the stairs.”
Who will help us to beg David?

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