The Puzzle episode 16

Episode 16


Dr. Michael was seated in his office that
Sunday morning attending to his patients
when one of his nurses entered his office.
“Yes, Nurse Loveth, how may I be of help?” He
“I’m sorry to disturb you doctor. I want to ask
you a question please.”
“Yes, go ahead please,” Michael replied giving
her his full attention.”
“Okay doctor . Please, the young woman
whose mother had an accident last week, it
seems I knew her somewhere but I want to be
very sure. Is her name Mrs. Evans?”
“Oh, you mean Roseline, whose mother was
rushed in after she was hit by a careless

“Exactly Doctor, is she Mrs Evans?”
“I do not know Loveth, all I know is that she
is Roseline by name, I do not know her
“Okay sir. Her face really looks familiar, she
looks like someone I knew when I was working
in a hospital at Akure, before I moved to
“I see. Maybe, maybe not,” Michael replied
resuming his writing.
“Okay doctor, thanks so much, she replied.”
“You are welcome. Call in the next patient
“Loveth, I will advice you to follow your mind,
so that your conscience will be free.” Rachael,
Loveth’s friend advised.
I don’t know how to, Rachael
Though my conscience had never been at
rest since the time the deed was done but I
can’t come to terms with making a
confession, I mean how do I tell her?”
“Well, it’s either you confess and have your
peace or keep silent and allow your
conscience to torment you,” Rachael advised

“But don’t you think I might be arrested? I am
“You won’t, we will pray about it, you can go
with your Pastor on the day you decide to
confess so that issues won’t get out of hand.
Let’s hope God will take control, let us have
the faith.”
“Amen o, I pray so oh.
I am very sure she’s the one, yes she is,
though my boss said he doesn’t know her
surname but she is the one, I can recognize
the face quite well. Ha! Poor woman. I regret
that I was involved in such a crime. The evil
doctor involved me in his merciless act. I
wish I wasn’t the one on duty that very day. I
have a feeling that I do not have a child of
my own till now because I was a part of that
crime…” Loveth lamented on and on.

She could remember that fateful day vividly.
The memory is so clear. A woman had given
birth to a set of twins through Cesarean
Section at the hospital where she worked
then. It was a private hospital, the doctor had
known through scan right from the fifth
month of the pregnancy that she was carrying
a set of twins, two girls. But he concealed it
because he planned to sell one of the girls to
one of his clients who had a damaged womb
and still wanted to give people the impression
that she gave birth to the child herself, so she
feigned the pregnancy.

Loveth learnt the woman came from a far
city to buy the child.
She and one other nurse were on duty the day
the twins were delivered but she was the one
that stayed with the doctor during the
operation. She was instructed by the doctor
to take one of the twins to the woman who
had paid for the baby in the next ward, while
her real mother was still asleep.
And that was how it happened. One of the
girls was sold to another woman. Their real
mother never knew that she had a set of
twins. Loveth’s conscience had since being
troubled. The doctor later called her and
offered her some money but she refused it.
She later left the hospital and relocated to
Lagos where she met her husband.
The day she saw Roseline at Fountain
hospital, she knew it was time for her to
confess her sins and relieve herself of the
guilt once and for all.
“God help me.” Loveth cried on her bed that
night. She was home alone, her husband
doesn’t come home everyday anymore, she
heard that he had impregnated another
woman because she had been unable to bear
him a child. Loveth was very sure that Karma
was judging her already.

“God, I don’t want to regret this confession I
am about to make, I just want to right my
wrongs and have my peace again. God have
mercy, I am so sorry to be a part of this…
I just hope the other twin will be found and
returned to her real mother, the girl deserves
to be with her real parents. But can that even
be possible? I don’t even know where the
woman who bought the child is but Doctor
Johnson may know…
She cried on till she slept off.

To be continued

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