The Puzzle episode 14

Episode 14


Rose wasn’t sure she heard him clearly.
“W-w-hat?” She stammered

“Just a kiss, Rose. I will really appreciate it,” he asked seductively.

Rose went dumb that very second. She suddenly imagined her lips buried in Michael’s, then it immediately dawned on her that she can’t! She couldn’t just imagine herself kissing another man while her husband is alive,
“What happened to my marital vows?” She thought.

“Never!” She blurted out and jumped out of the car as if she just escaped from kidnappers.

“Wait Rose!” Michael called.

“Don’t!” Rose barked. She walked away without looking back. She realised all she wanted was only a quality and nice time with someone, preferably her own husband, not this type of ungodly relationship.

She can only prefer to be friends with Michael but going naked for any other man apart from her husband will only happen if she was dead!

She walked down the streets of the quiet estate thinking about what just happened.
“I still love David, how I wish he can adjust a little to my wishes and expectations…
I don’t desire any other man. No! Michael can never be the solution. No! Why must he ask for a kiss on the first outing? The next one, he would ask for sex! No, I must determine to go back to my marriage and make it work…

This can’t be love, I lusted after him just because I found in him some of the things that were lacking in my husband. I wasn’t thinking straight…”

Just as she was about to walk past her home, to go pick Debbie where she had earlier dropped her, she noticed that the lights were on.
“What’s happening? I didn’t switch on any light before I left home, who could be in there, David? No it can’t be.”

She walked swiftly to the entrance and just as she was about to knock, the door opened. She gasped. It was Evelyn, the lady she left Debbie with.

“Rose? You are welcome. I just brought Debbie and I met only her Dad. What kept you so long? I tried your line several times, it was switched off. I was on my way to get some ‘Suya’ on the main road when I noticed your lights were on so I came around only to discover that it was your husband…”

“My husband? He’s not suppose to be back until tomorrow…?”

“And here I am today, I changed my mind,” said David as he showed up at the door.

“I need to go Rose, I must catch up with the ‘Suya man’ before he would leave. Goodnight guys.”

“Thanks so much Evelyn, goodnight,” Rose said calmly still surprised by her husband’s early return. It really caught her unawares.

“So, Rose what exactly is the matter with you? You ignored my calls since yesterday, what happened?” David asked after they had both entered.

“Where is Debbie?” She asked

“Is that the answer to my question? She’s asleep already. Now, I demand an explanation right now Rose. What on earth did I do wrong to deserve that treatment?”

Rose walked to the fridge at the dining area, a bit relieved that Debbie had gone to bed. She hates arguing with her husband in the presence of their daughter. She poured herself some cold water, drank and took a seat at the dining table. She couldn’t look at her husband directly.

David noticed the guilt written all over her face and questioned her further. “Where are you coming from Rose?”


“Answer me, or have you suddenly gone dumb?”

“Must I explain every of my movements to you? Ha-ha, what is it? You have left home for days, did I ask for details of all your movements? Don’t disturb me please.”

“Roseline, are you out of your mind? Am I the one you are addressing in that manner?”

“Yes of course, husband. You abandon me here almost every other day of the week. I can’t suffer forever, I need to go out and mingle once in a while.”

“I hope you haven’t started having an affair Rose…”

“And what if I do?” Rose confronted him boldly, not knowing she just made the greatest mistake in her marriage. She only said that hoping it would make her husband jealous and maybe he will be forced to adjust to her demands.

“You dare not.” David thundered.

“I have and I will again!” Rose confirmed fearlessly.

David moved to where she was seated and before she knew it, he gave her a resounding slap for the first time in their marriage. David had never gone physical with any woman in his life but tonight, he just did.

Rose was shocked. “You slapped me?”

“Oh yes, I did! How dare you Rose?” He continued fuming with anger. “After all my toiling day and night to give you a quality life and make us comfortable? Do you know the number of ladies I meet everyday away from home and I avoid them like plagues all because of you?

Do you know the number of temptations God had helped me to overcome? You are wicked Roseline, for you to pay me back this way.”

He sat tiredly on one of the chairs in the living room and looked at Rose where she was seated, he imagined her having sex with another man, it was too hard for him to take in. Tears ran down his cheeks.

Rose stood up from where she sat, still holding her cheek in horror, she picked her bag and said, “You slapped me David?”

“Yes, what guts do you have to cheat on me? I thought you were a Christian? Shameless prostitute.”

“You are wicked David, how dare you slap me? You think you have no faults in this matter? In fact, I can’t stay in this house with you tonight, wicked man.” She cried and ran out of the house.

To be continued…

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