The Price For Change



Jude please stop, Jude please, I beg you stop beating me Jude.

What have I done to deserve this,what is my offense Jude, did I do anything wrong marrying you,where is the love you professed to me.

You said you love me, you followed me around and stalked me for months Jude preaching your undying love to me and the desire for you to have me be the mother of your children,Jude what happened to that love, what happened to calling me your dream woman,what happened to calling me your darling,what happened to calling me the mother of your children.

Jude what changed,if I did anything wrong Jude tell me, I promised to change, I promised to be that woman you felt in love with if I have derailed from the person you love.

Jude please don’t hit me there again,Jude stop hitting my stomach , Jude my,my,my neckkkkkk, I can’t breathe judeereeeee,

Please stop beating me,you promised at the alter to love and cherished me all the days of your life Jude only to turned me into your punching bag.

*Shut up woman, you are everything worst I could ever wish for. You were the biggest mistake of my life, I regret ever going after you and even marrying.

Tell me Beatrice,why can’t you just be the sweet and innocent woman that I fell in love with, why can’t you just continue minding your business just the way you did during courtship. I showed you all my true colors but you hid yours from me.

Beatrice you knew, you knew I love sleeping with any woman I set my eyes on, I even tossed one in front of you during courtship Beatrice but you never complained.

You caught me red handed on the bed with your best friend when I was banging her but you never said anything,you thought I never saw you Beatrice,but I saw you when you entered and saw me in full action with Barolin your best friend, you stood there almost for 30mins watching me screw your friend and left without a word, I even finished and called you hoping to hear you complain so I could dump you and look for someone who’s willing to accept me for who I am.

But Beatrice we chatted and you never said anything,you even laughed out loud to my jokes and was in my house the next day preparing food for me with your own money.

You never for once asked me for a dime and I continue bringing women to the house and I even met you in the house once when I came back drunk with another woman forgetting I told you to wait for me and we had $ex in front of you.

You pretended to sleep but I saw you opened your eyes when we walked in and I knew very well you were awake and I screwed her provoking you to show signs that you were not interested in a man like me but you kept quiet.

You even continued your friendship with Barolin and I continue sleeping with her and you caught us on several occasions and never reacted.

You use your own money all the time to cook, buy soap and detergent for laundry, you did everything smoothly without asking me for a dime ,Why have you decided now not to continue like before

The day I proposed to you, I arranged two ladies to sleep with and you saw me in the act and only shed tears but never questioned me, you even accepted my ring that very day and I celebrated your acceptance by fvcking my boss wife and you still accepted to married me

Even on our wedding eve I had several ladies and you said nothing and now why are you complaining Beatrice .

I thought, I thought you will change in marriage Jude, I kept quiet because I thought it was because we were not yet married,

I swallowed everything hoping for change Jude.

Jude please stop sleeping around and love me

Watch out for chapter 2

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