The Price For Change episode 9


Chapter 9

She decided to forget about Jude and started looking for accommodation for her and her children. Jude began to notice she was no longer interested in his affairs anymore.

He don’t even tell her to do anything before she does it and no matter how many women he brought home she no longer react instead madam Sylvia was the one complaining.

Meanwhile Madam Sylvia all these while had squandered all the alimony they gave her after her divorce and was planning with her boys to k!ll her ex husband so she can laid claimed to his properties cause the divorce was never made public and she still gallivant herself as Mrs.

The plan was really frustrating her and Jude constant cheating, I mean she was a side chick but was complaining about Jude cheating on her with other women. She was really frustrated as Jude was not giving her the attention she needed.

Jude’s sudden withdrawal from his cheating habits made her heart leap for joy but that joy soon turned to bitterness when she discovered Jude was investigating his wife.

Jealousy overwhelmed her and she decided to de$troyed Jude’s marriage for good.

She hired a guy to pretend that he was Beatrice boyfriend, the guy will go to Beatrice’s shop everyday,at times he will buy just to make sure Beatrice don’t grow suspicious of him and sometimes just tell her he was looking for a particular dress but she didn’t have it.

All these while Jude has been stalking his wife without her knowledge. And the guy madam Sylvia hire made him boiled in anger as he always comes out arranging his clothes like someone who just made out.

Beatrice had no clued on what was going on, while Jude was stalking her, madam Sylvia was stalking Jude and also working on her plans to Eliminat€ her ex husband.

Today saw the end to Jude’s and Beatrice’s marriage as madam Sylvia alerted her con artist to get close to Beatrice and start romancing her when she saw Jude going into the shop. The guy immediately held unto Beatrice the moment he saw the message and that was when Jude walked in.

Even before Beatrice could push him away, Jude had already seen him holding unto her like they were lovers.Jude started shouting and beating her up for being a slUt and a shameless woman.

He beat her this time until she went into coma. She almost lost her life.

In coma, she found herself in a very beautiful environment, everywhere was so calm, it was like a garden with beautiful flowers and all she could hear was the chirping sound of birds and squirrels, she saw a beautiful fountain at the center of the flowers and immediately felt like she has not drunk water for ages.

Her throat hurt when she tried to swallow spit . She took a walk towards the fountain enjoying the environment and taking in the beautiful scents emanating from the flowers.

She felt a certain peace she has never felt before in her entire life. Though she was only 27, she had gone through a lot since birth.

She finally arrived at the fountain and bend down and was about to drink the water when she head someone sobbing. At first she thought she heard wrongly and bend down again but the person increased her sobbed. She decided to follow the voice and it led her to the other side of the fountain.

There she found

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