The Price For Change episode 6


Chapter 6

She was shocked and opened her eyes looking at them, her husband did not only let his sugar mummy into their house but he allowed her to slapped her. And even went ahead to beat her and fvck his mistress beside her dying body. Now she’s asking her to cook for them.

She was still staring at them in disbelief when her husband pulled her by the hair and throw her into the kitchen giving her just 15 mins to get something ready for them.

Beatrice stood there thinking of ways to pay them back. Something told her to po!son the food but she waved it away and asked God to judge them.

She prepared the food and before she was done, it was already 20 mins as she used almost 10 mins thinking of what to do to them.

She just made instant noodles and some eggs and carried to them with bread and tea but received a hot slapped from her husband for being late.

She swallowed it went inside and arranged her things and sneaked out through the back door and left for her shop.

Ever since that happened, she decided to be waking up earlier and preparing herself for her shop alongside the kids. This way , she didn’t have much contact with them except in the evening.

All this while Madam Sylvia husband had filed for a divorce and the case was in court.

And today was the final hearing.

Beatrice had prayed that madam Sylvia don’t get a divorced cause she knew what was installed for her. She even went as far as going to see madam Sylvia husband to plead for him not to divorce his wife but he told her he can’t accept her request.

He was even surprised to here her say that.

He thought she came to asked for his help in divorcing her serial cheat of a husband but was shocked hearing her asked for that instead.

He even advised her to divorce Jude as well but she refused saying she had to stayed for her kids and didn’t want to be tagged a Divorcee.

Beatrice prayed today like never before, she couldn’t even go home in the evening but she had to. She entered the house today like a thief but was surprised to see it empty, she thought to herself her prayers had been answered but she didn’t know it was the beginning of something that almost took her life.

Jude and madam Sylvia had all this while been inside his room but Beatrice never knew.she bathed the children and put them to sleep as she had already given them something to eat from the shop.

Immediately the children went to sleep, Beatrice went to take her bath and on coming out of the bathroom, she met with her husband and madam Sylvia sitting on her bed,she was scared and wanted to enter back inside and locked herself but her husband held the door and dragged her with them out of the house.

He shoved her into the boot of the car and they drove off. They took her into an incomplete building where three men were waiting and threw her to them and asked the men to do with her whatever they wanted.

Beatrice was busy begging her husband to forgive her but he didn’t listen.

Madam Sylvia threw a bundle of money to the men and told them she will complete the rest when the job was done and they droves off leaving Beatrice with the men.

That was when Beatrice realized the verdict was not in their favor and now she was going to pay the price for staying with a cheat and heartless man of a husband.

She beg the boys and even promised to pay them more but they were adamant. They had smoked their brains out.

This is the price she had to pay what price are you paying right now in secret and smiling in public just to keep his name and a sham called marriage ??

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