The Price For Change episode 5


Chapter 5

She cried her eyes out knowing her husband was in their house right now banging another woman, his sugar mummy

She headed for the school, took the kids but since she didn’t want them to know of their father’s action, she took them to the mall instead, she was there with the children all evening.

When she was sured her husband was done with his affair and with the children constant complain of wanting to go home, she decided to drive home.

On getting home,the children had already fallen asleep due to tiredness and she tried to go call Jude to come help her carry the kids into the house.

But when she entered the house, she was shocked to find out Madam Sylvia and her husband were still in his room. She wanted to shout but remembering how he almost killed her this morning, she went back and carry the children in her self one after the other.

She used face towel to wipe their body as they refused waking up and retired to her room and started praying but a few minutes to the prayer, she received a hot slap to her face which came as a shocked to her and before she could speak , another landed.

One was from madam Sylvia while the other from her husband.

Madam Sylvia warned her to stayed off her business and never interfered in anything that has to do with her or else she will make her.

And before she could open her mouth to speak, her husband pounced on her and started beating her claiming she was coming from her boyfriend place, asking her how many men she opened her legs for this evening.

Telling her to leave his children out of her promiscuous life, she couldn’t speak or do anything in her defense. Madam Sylvia stood there jeering at her and telling her this was just the beginning and could get worsts if her husband divorced her.

When Jude was tired of beating her, he left her there on the floor and proceeded to have $ex with Madam Sylvia right in her present.

She was just half conscious as their moans and groins filled her room tears could only stream down her face as she could not move nor speak.

They continue until they were tired and slept off in her bed. Being the early bird that she is, even after all the beating she still found herself getting up . She opened her eyes and saw them sleeping peacefully on her bed.

Her body aches from the beating and she could barely move but she had to.

She had to concealed all those wounds from the children like she did yesterday with makeup, she can’t let them find out their father is beating her.

She dragged herself to the toilet and cleaned up though the water falling on her body gave her pains but she had to. When she finished,she stood in front of the mirror and carefully used her makeup products to concealed all the wounds and left for the kitchen .

She prepared breakfast and woke the children up and prepared them for school. She dropped them off and returned home to carry her things for her shop when she found them sitting at the dining with her husband fuming in anger.

She knew something was up and turned to leave but it was already too late. Her husband has already seen her and he ordered for her to come back if not she should go and never return.

Beatrice walked towards them and her husband raised his hand to slap her but Madam Sylvia interrupted him and asked him not to slap her so she can have strength to prepared them food.

So she can’t even cook

Watch out for chapter 6

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