The Price For Change episode 2



I thought, I thought you will change in marriage Jude, I kept quiet because I thought it was because we were not yet married, I swallowed everything hoping for change Jude.

I used my money to run the house back then cause I wanted to show you I was never a liability, I wanted to showed you I can also contribute meaningfully to your life, I was also doing that partly because I wanted you to save for our marriage and I thought asking for money will make me seem like a burden to you Jude.

I thought you could change , Jude please stopped this life style. Look at how you lost your job cause your boss caught you banging his wife in the hotel.


Why did you slapped me Jude,

This is just the beginning, until I get a new job , I will keep beating you, you this stupid woman , you think you can spoiled things for me just because I married you.

If you didn’t tell my boss my affair with his wife, I could have still been working and over looked your interference in my personal space, but now you took away my source of income but have in mind that this won’t stopped me ,

I’m still going to continue sleeping with her and I even thanked you because once they divorced, she’s moving in with me.

If you like pack your things and carry your children to wherever you want, I don’t care, I can’t keep a stupid woman like you around me and better be fast because the more you stayed here the morel beating you will get.

And just so to let you know, I only went after you and even proposed marriage to you because I thought you accepted me and my flaws but if you can no longer take it, be fast cause I just loose where I use to get money to pay for hotel rooms now this house will be my new place.

And make sure you keep your useless children away from my room cause I don’t have anytime to waste explaining to them why many women are entering my room.

Jude please don’t do this, yes I will continue to run the house without complaining and also I will help you get another job by talking to my customers so you can get another job as soon as possible.

Jude please, just love me and me alone, I will do anything for you Jude, I will continue paying the children school fees, buy books and everything for their school. Please don’t bring that woman into this house, don’t bring women here , the kids won’t like it, you know they’re very sensitive

Another slap

So you have been sleeping with men behind my back

What do you mean Jude

Which customers are you saying you will talk to, your lovers right, so you have started wearing the same trousers with me, and you are talking about children not finding out .

*Hello my sweet big mama

Hello my sugar boy

*I want to see you in my house right now

But,but I’m still trying to fixxx

*I said now, don’t you want my hard rod anymore

I , I, will be there right away

Jude please don’t call her into our house, I’m not seeing anyone, I swear

#This is how some women spend their small savings running the house while he squandered the money he makes on carrying women up and down and you’re still there praying for change. Yeah some will change that’s 1/100% are you sure he’s among the 1% or you don’t just want to change as well?

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