The Price For Change episode 12



They began crying when they saw me, they kept on laying complaints upon complaints about their dad’s behavior towards them this few days.

How he beat and lock them up each time they tried asking after me . He didn’t even border preparing something for them to eat and they have been feeding on the left over bread he leaves after taking his breakfast.

I gave them a proper bath, took them out for a meal and called the agent I contacted months back to get me an apartment but I developed cold feets later of course I thought Jude had repented not knowing he was gathering energy to finish me up.

To God’s glory there was an apartment and I immediately told him I was paying and moving in the very day. He said no problems . I took the kids back home and pack my things together with theirs and drove off to the location of the apartment as directed by the agent. He was already waiting when we arrived .

Though the apartment was not really as good as he had explained on the phone, I still took it, I had no other option. I didn’t want to spend a night in that house and if it meant sleeping on the street, I could have preferred it than a night in that house.

When we settle in, I left for the shop that evening and thankfully my neighbor Mama Emma was there. She was the one who brought me to the hospital as Jude beat me and left me in the shop unconscious. She has been very supportive to me but I never for once told her what I was going through.

Mama Emma was very angry with me, she even refused to talk to me and gave my shop keys to her son Emmanuel to come give me that she didn’t want to see me or talk to me.

I understood her cause she was like a mother to me. She had always stood her grounds against domestic violence but little did she know that I was going through it but kept quiet.

I had to leave her to vent her anger. The silent treatment was nothing to me. After all I know she will still forgive me, I’m her daughter.

I lost my mum from birth and my dad remarried, I went through a lot in the hands of my step mum and this marriage was what took me away from their hands .

Now I got a new mother in mama Emma and I’m not planning on loosing her.

Madam Sylvia was later caught alongside her boys who made an attempt on her ex husband life. She thought Chief could let his guard down but he knew the type of woman he was married to and he was secretly monitoring all her activities without her knowledge.

She was send alongside her boys to prison and as for Jude he later got what he was looking for. The lady he introduced to me as his wife to be .

Prisca was actually paid by one of Jude’s ex girlfriend who found out all of Jude’s escapades and decided to pay him with what he loved the most.

Prisca was a retired prOstitute who was also an HIV patient. She was paid to infect Jude and he felt for it without a second thought.

He finally got what he deserved and she dumped him after putting him in a wheelchair after they got into a serious argument which resulted in a fight and he thought she was me who could allowed him exerts his muscles.

Prisca showed him she was not someone to be tampered with. He found out she infected him and thought he could beat his way out of it but his actions this time around landed him a wheelchair which he will be stuck in for the rest of his life.

He came asking me for forgiveness and telling me all about Madam Sylvia’s confession and I told him I hold nothing against him and I had already moved on . He was so shameless to asked I accept him back. It got me angry that I had to chased him out of my shop .

Mama Emma later forgave me and she shed so much tears when I narrated everything I passed through in the hands of Jude to her.

She blame herself for not being a good mother to me and promised to helped me heal and passed through this phase of my life . She booked me for rehab and promised to look after my children until I overcome the trauma .

I cried so much at the rehab center when we were asked to shared our stories, you needed to be here to hear what our fellow women are going through.

I successfully came out alive,without any infections. I was thankful to God after listening to so many cases of women who died including my mother and those that left with illness and broken bones at the rehab center .

I thank God for my life and pray no women ever have to go through what I went through.
I was lucky but you might not be as lucky as me. Never ignore the red flags cause repeated forgiveness is an acceptance to them .

The End

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