The Price For Change episode 11



I increased my cries when I realized I was talking to my mother who has been death since birth. Does this mean I’m also death!

Stopped crying my baby, you can still go back and take the right decision, you still have a long life to live.

When I heard my mother say I still had a chance to go back, I jumped up in joy. I was beyond relieved and I knew this time I couldn’t look back.

My mother paid the price, I can’t pay again. I hug my mum but she soon faded away. I looked around and everything was fading away .

The fountain,the beautiful flowers and trees, everything was fading and I close my eyes and opened just to see the four walls of a room and some tubes connected to my nose and my hands.

She finally opened her eyes after 2 good weeks and immediately she opened her eyes and Jude heard the news, he brought in divorce papers for her to signed them and leave his life.

He even brought another lady telling her he wanted to married the lady. Beatrice shed tears but she was thankful to God he brought her back to take care of her children .

She stayed in this abusives marriage hoping for change and for her children sake but she almost made them motherless.

She listened to Jude speak and didn’t even say anything, she was just shedding tears and immediately signed the documents. Jude took them and was about to leave when she asked him about her children.

They’re in the house . When you discharged yourself from here come and carry those bast@rds and leave my house.

I’m already tired of crying and have made up my mind to leave this marriage. I just thank God I didn’t died and leave my children behind to suffer.

After Jude left with his new found love, the doctor entered the ward

Good day madam

Good day doctor

How are you feeling today

I’m feeling better

Ok,good to know , your results are out and everything seems good except for the minor injuries that you sustained.

Doctor please when can I leave the hospital!

Easy madam, you just got up from a deep sleep and we don’t think is ok to let you go just yet though your results are encouraging but

No but, please doctor, I’m a mother and I need to go see my children, please, I promised to come back for check up, just booked me for an appointment please doctor.

Ok madam, give me some time to see to that.

I was discharged and I immediately took a cab and rushed back home. I missed my children, I needed to see them, I needed to know how they’ve been faring without me, ohhh my God, is this how I could have gotten myself killed in the name of love.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. Thank you for bringing me back.

When I got home, Jude was not around and thank God my babies where in the house.

They look so cranky. It seems their father abandoned them this time around to fend for themselves. I cried my eyes out looking at how unkept they look. Ohhh God why me. Why my innocent children.

They began crying when they saw me, they kept on laying complaints upon complaints about their dad’s behavior towards them this few days. How he beat and lock them up each time they tried asking after me .

He didn’t even border preparing something for them to eat and they have been feeding on the left over bread he leaves after taking his breakfast.

I cried so hard listening to their complaints, ohhh God is this the price I had to pay just to get dumped at the end, why me

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