The Price For Change episode 10

THE PRICE FOR CHANGE (quater final)


There, she found a replicar of herself, sitting by the fountain wailing seriously. At first she thought she was dreaming.

How come there’s another me,she said to herself. She wiped her eyes severely just to make sure she was not seeing things but when she opened her eyes the young lady was still there crying.

This other her looks younger as compared to her just like she was in her early 20s.

She walked close to her and tap her on the shoulder that was when her mother opened her eyes looking at her. She got up and hug her immediately murmuring the word my daughter.

Beatrice stood there confused. She didn’t understand what was going on and asked herself how can a woman though a replicant of her who looked younger be calling her,her daughter.

She just stood there while the lady hugged her crying her eyes out. She was about to push her when she started apologizing to her

*I’m sorry my daughter , please forgive me,I’m sorry for leaving you behind to suffer,I’m sorry for everything you had to go through because of me.please forgive me .

What,what are you talking about

*I’m,I’m,I’m your mother, yes I’m your mother

She pushed her away from her. Taking a closer look it was then it became clear to her why this lady look so much like her and she then recalled her father telling her she looked just like her mother.

Her father never showed her pictures of her mother as her step mother was said to have set them on fire .

Mum,mum why did you leave me,mum why

*I’m sorry my baby, I’m really sorry. I couldn’t fight for you, your father didn’t,your father didn’t give me the chance. I’m sorry

She broke down in tears, Beatrice was wondering what her father got to do with her mother’s death.

What do you mean by my father didn’t give you a chance

*I, I, I married your father at an early age, I was from the orphanage were I grew up and was just starting life after I had to leave the orphanage when I became of age because no one adopted me.

I met your father when I was roaming the streets looking for where to stayed as I was robbed of all my belongings by some thugs.

Your father took pity on me and asked I follow him. He took me home and after staying with him for a year, we felt in love with each other.

I was happy a nice man who could take pity on a struggling young lady was going to be my husband but I was wrong. He only pretended to be a good person. He started beating me not up to a week after the marriage . He was cheating on me with one lady called Magdalene (is that not my step mother’s name) .

Not long I took in and his cheating habit increased. I had to stay as I had no where to go. I didn’t even have a penny to my name to leave and get a place. I kept praying for him to change . Had I knew earlier,could have left. He beat me up the day my water broke.

I told the doctors to save you. I couldn’t make it. I’m sorry my daughter please forgive me for leaving you.

But, but mum dad has never raised his hands on my step mother before.

Might be he change. But it was too late. I watched him cry over my death body but it was already too late all I wish for was for him to carter for you. I’m sorry

I burst into a loud cry cause I’m going through same thing my mother went through. When I realized I was talking to my dead mother, I knew all hope was lost. I couldn’t contain my tears knowing I might leave my children to suffer same faith as me.

I thought ,,,

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