The pastor’s secret

The Pastor’s Secret
Episode 1

The pastors secret

My father would come to us every night to collect what we have made, he keeps collecting and will never stop.
I and my sisters has been a stripper right under my father’s nose. Pastor Donald the founder of evergreen church international is our father, Rev. Sharon Donald is out lovely mother who never supported us into the doings of being a stripper.

Mitchell, Karen and I shally had been a stripper for 5 years and counting, the fun and joy we get each time we strip is beyond this world. Everything we loved and lived for stripping gave it to us, now you might be thing why will the daughters of a pastor strip?

Now let me break it down to you, in 2014 when my father founded the church he was already married to my mother, then we where still kids growing up but we knew what was going on in the church and in our family.

When things wasn’t going well my mother was there for him, the church lost members but my mother would pray and fast to the lord to bring in souls.

Mother won so many souls while my father reaped the benefits, it felt like my mother had the hands of the lord upon her but my father didn’t see it. He says the church is a business place and he will run it with pride, majority of the souls in church was won by my mother.

He deprived her from wearing good clothes, hair, food and other things. In 2021 I and my sisters where obsessed with social medias much more than we where with our studies.

We needed to do something in other make things change and then we made just one un-serious video and post on our social media platforms and Before we knew it the church went viral. We suddenly began to get emails, followers, etc.

So much multitude came to our church and my father was making cool cash from casting out demons and doing some spiritual work for people who needed them.

The one that hurt I and my sister the most was when my father began to beat my mother all because her gospel music began to sell in his church and beyond. He hated seeing my mother excel, he wanted her beneath him and not above.

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