The pastor’s secret episode 9

The pastor’s secret
Episode 9

The next day was a new day, I and my sister’s kept getting notifications on our phones bases on pastor Donald’s church.

People had started asking questions concerning the whereabouts of his wife my mother. He wasn’t having the right words to say and then it became a problem with the press.

My mother didn’t care at all because pastor Donald had already emailed her the divorce papers digitally to sign.

It was so hard for my mother to sign those papers, looking back at all the things she went through with him to get to his point of breakthrough and fame, it really sucks to let everything go.

She signed it afterwards, she was free, my sister and I where free from his grip.

As days goes by, weeks goes by my mother began to glow and bloom like never before.
Well don’t get me wrong, my mother is a very beautiful woman so fresh and vibrant as ever.

With Jesse by her side making her happy always, it made goow more often and smile more often. I mean I loved that she needed that in her life.

She began to release good gospel songs, and they where all hits. My Mother started making so much money from her music and Jesse was her producer, he made her very elevated in the spirit and she began to make good music.

I never told my sister’s about the new update of Jesse being my biological father, I wanted to confront my mother first before letting them know. At least I owe them that, that’s sisterhood.

I believe pastor Donald was familiar and updated with her songs since it became a global hit. I know he will be weeping silently because he knew she will be making so much money from them.

Step by step, my mother and Jesse finally fell in love with each other and something new began between them. We where cool with it as long as Jesse wouldn’t hurt my mother, and we saw how well he took care of her off and on our presence.

Jesse began to treat I and my sisters like his own, he would take us shopping to get whatever thing we want. From jewelries to shoes, clothes and hair accessories.

Jesse began to get soft spot for me and I noticed, he treated me differently with so much care and love. I began to feel what true fatherly love looked like, I was something I couldn’t explain and then I decided to confront my mother.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my father Jesse, his playing his role in my life pretty well even if he never knew he had me all these while. I just wanted to confront my mother for not saying a word about him for a very long time.

One evening I did confront her when jesse was away, my sister’s where in their rooms.

“So who’s my real father mom?”, I asked her and then she turned to look at me with so much fear in her eyes.

The maids who were cleaning that area walked away after hearing the kind of conversation I was having with her.

“What do you mean?”, She asked trembling.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, time is up, the pretence is over and I know the whole truth now so you better speak up and tell me yourself”, I replied with a single tear drop from my eyes.

“Shally calm down, jesse told you something?” My mother asked.

“Mommmm! What is wrong with you? Why is it hard for you to open your mouth to say the truth to me”, I yelled, and the noise attracted my sister, they all ran out to see what was happening.

“Fineee! Jesse is your father”, she replied.

“Huh!” Mitchell exclaimed.

“What?”, Karen guessed.

“I didn’t tell you all those while because I couldn’t find Jesse and he didn’t have any family who where alive since they died in a car accident.
Telling you will instantly bring hatred between you and your sisters, I never wanted that. I never wanted your father knowing either because he believed so much that you are his first fruit”, she said with a tear rolling down her eyes.

“We suffered so much, we would have been living this way for years if only you cared to find him”, I yelled with so much tears in my eyes.

“It wasn’t easy finding Jesse, I tried but ex-husband manage to lock me up in my room for days so I wouldn’t leave or runaway from the marriage. Am really sorry shally, please it was no one’s fault”, she said as she rushed to hug me tightly.

My other sister where in awe, they never expected such confession. They all came down to join in the hug, just few seconds we saw Jesse walking into the door, surprised to see us.

“What a reunion”, he said as hugged us too.

“Now I know dad”, I said looking at his shocked face.

“She knows”, my mother added.

He hugged me tightly and tears escape both our eyes, “shally I got you something and it’s outside”, he said.

I and my sisters ran outside to see what it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was a brand new Range Rover, a car I have always dreamt of riding someday.

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