The pastor’s secret episode 7

The Pastor’s Secret
Episode 7

“Yes, he was your lover and he will be shocked to see you. If he knows we are your kids he won’t do anything to us, he might help. Who knows maybe he might have been looking for you?”, I said trying to make a point.

“Shally I don’t know if that is a good idea”, my mother said.

“Yeah it’s not”, Karen said.

“I don’t support shally”, Mitchell echoed.

“We have no where to go, Jesse is someone our mother knows very well and she knows what he is capable of. If she is in the picture he won’t bring harm to us, I know it”, I tried to convince.

“Your kind of right”, mother muttered.

“Then let’s go”, I said.

I called Jesse that we where on our way to his place, we told him something happened that’s why we delayed.

He agreed for us to come to his house, but he never had an idea that we where coming with our mother his old time lover.

We moved just like he instructed and we stopped at a very big gate, the gate was an electric gate that open on its own. We were so amazed of the kind of things we saw inside the compound.

The house was so big, and beautiful. It was so expensive just like all those house owned by Rick Ross or Jordan, a male servant putting on a clean suit helped us with our bags.

While the other one helped to park our car properly, well they where lots of luxurious cars in the compound and bet Jesse owned all of them. We followed the servant inside the house and we where stunned.

Jesse mansion looks like an art museum, we where so fascinated by the paintings on the wall and how clean and big the house looks.

Few minutes Jesse came down to meet with us, we greeted him but my mother was busy looking at a photo of him when we called out to her to turn around.

“Mom Jesse is here”, I said.

When she turned their eyes met, he was so shocked to see her.

Tears left his eyes just like a child crying for his mother.

We watched how our mother froze for a long time without talking or moving.

Jesse wiped his eyes, trying to find words to say but words betrayed him he kept trembling.

“Jesse”, mother muttered.

His body shook a bit, he turned to us still in confusion “how do you know Sharon?”, He asked us curiously.

“We know her because she’s our mother”, Mitchell quickly replied smiling sheepishly.

“Mother?”, He asked Turing back at our mother.

“Yes am their mother and we came here for your help”, my mother managed to speak.

“My apologies, please follow me. You must be famished, let my cooks serve you all the food in the menu”, Jesse said as we followed him.

We were excited about food, we barely eat good food. Our father would never let us eat something nice except when his in a good mood.

We haven’t seen our mother stare at someone this way before, we could feel love in the air and I was beginning to imagine them together.

We followed Jesse, he showed us our room and he gave mother her own room. It had a piano in it which means he remembers her love for music and he was ready to make her happy with such instrument.

After that we rushed to the dinner area which looked like a 5 star restaurant and we watched patiently how our food where being served.

“So you said you needed my help, what can I do for you?”, Jesse asked.

And then my mother began to tell him everything that had happened to us and he was shocked and speechless.

“I vow to keep you and your daughters safe and you will lack nothing as long as I breath and walk on the surface of the earth”, Jesse protested and we quickly fell in love with him and his words because that’s what our mother needed.

“Thank you Jesse, we really didn’t mean to make your house uncomfortable for you. We just ne…”, mother was interrupted by Jesse.

“You can’t make me uncomfortable Sharon, my home is your home and all I have you can have. Just let me take care of you this time”, Jesse replied.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and then I and my sister’s realized mother was going to love her stay here.

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