The pastor’s secret episode 6

The Pastor’s Secret
Episode 6

We drove down home, but I was still in thoughts on how to bring dad down and make him pay for all he had done.

We got into the house to put our things back in place, but shockingly we found out mom’s things already packed in her box waiting patiently in the living room.

At the other hand Lily dad’s girlfriend was sitting in the living room waiting for us.

“Well am glad your back, been waiting patiently for you to come get your things and leave. Your service as a wife is no longer needed, so you have to bounce out of my house”, lily said.

“What?”, My mother exclaimed.

“You have no right to chase our mother out of her matrimonial home”, I yelled.

“Oh yes I have every right because am now your father’s fiancee”, she revealed waving her engagement ring on our faces.

“What? Why will dad do this to you?”, Karen asked.

“You might have his ring, his heart and his money but you do not have his home. I alone know how to run my home than you little fish”, my mother yelled.

“Oh no”, I said.

“I don’t care if your his newly wedded bride but your time is up and your leaving”, Mitchell said trying to drag lilly out of the house but our fathers voice echoed.

“No one should lay a hand on my baby”, my father echoed.

“Donald how could you do this to me? Even to the point of throwing my things out”, my mother asked with tears in her eyes.

“It wasn’t my idea to chase you out of the house, it was my wife to be lilly that made such plans and am very excited she made such plans”, my father replied.

“Donald why would you do this to me? After so many years of being with you when you had nothing, after all the beating and harsh treatment you still do me like this?”, My mother whaled in tears.

“Father what has gotten into you? Why do you love to tear us apart?”, I asked as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Am so disappointed in you”, Mitchell echoed.

“You girls should better watch your tone when talking to me”, my father yelled, while his girlfriend sat on the sofa like a queen.

“You have no right to tell us what to do anymore, from this day you have lost the right of being a husband and also the right of being a father, pastor Donald”, I said while rolling my mother’s box out of the living room.

My sister’s followed with their things too, my father was shocked on how bold I spoke to him.

“Your mother is the only one being chased out of the house, you girls still have the right and privilege of staying here since you still make good money for me at the club”, he said with a smile of his face.

“Oh no pastor Donald we quit too, we don’t need any privilege or anything that has to do with your evil plot”, Karen screamed.

“What?”, My father exclaimed.

“From today onward you cease to be our father, and a husband to our lovely mother”, I added.

My mother couldn’t say a word anymore because we said all she wanted to say and I felt how proud she is in her heart.

My father couldn’t stop us, his little girlfriend was shocked also. My mother just dropped her wedding ring on the side Stool before we left.

We had no where to go, no place to sleep. We had no money, all the money our mother made from her music and the albums where taken from her by Pastor Donald my father.

We drove for hours and I was thinking of where we would stay, since we all used our savings to acquire an international passport.

Then this strange idea popped into my head, “Mom let’s pay a visit to Jesse, your ex-boyfriend”, I muttered.

My mother suddenly stopped the car in shock, they all turned to look at me.

“What?”, They all chorused.

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