The pastor’s secret episode 5

The pastor’s secret
Episode 5

I couldn’t pick the call, he kept calling. From my phone to Mitchell’s phone and then to Karen, I needed to know how my mother got to date a good looking and wealthy man as Jesse then ended up with a man like our father.

“Mom I know you don’t like the idea of us leaving to another country but we can’t buy this talk about this man being your ex”, Mitchell said.

“I agree with her”, I added.

“I can’t lie to you girls, his name is Jesse okorie the number one cheerful giver and gospel singer in the whole of FUTO. I can’t lie about the only man that I loved, he was my everything before I met your father”, my mother muttered.

Cars kept driving by the road, I wasn’t comfortable but I wanted to know exactly what was going on.

“Mom you have to tell us the whole gist, like now”, I said.

“Okay, I will tell you girls the truth”, she said as we moved into her car with our things letting the cab man go.

“It happened long time ago when I was a fresher and I was new to everything in campus. Jesse was there for me and he guided me through everything, he taught me how to sing and make my own music.
He got a golden voice, he was so popular in campus and outside campus because of his music”, my mother began.

“Even when I lost my parents in a Gastly motor accident he was there for me to comfort me, and I was also there for him when people condemned him and his life took a very dark turn”, my mother added.

“How did his life take a dark turn?”, I asked.

“It happened so fast, when we graduated. His music career faded away, he had new set of friends that didn’t align with my spirit and I told him but he refused to listen to me.
One day I went to his house to surprise him and I found him arranging some human body parts dripping of fresh blood, I was scared to death”, my mother revealed.

“What?”, I screamed.

“Jesus, mom!”, Karen and Mitchell chorused.

“He didn’t expect me to show up unannounced but he tried to justify his actions but I didn’t want to hear anything and I left. He tried to beg me over the phone but I refused to listen to him”, my mother continued.

“I decided to call him one day after some weeks but his line wasn’t going through. I went to his house to find him but his neighbors said he had moved out”, my mother continued.

“I didn’t understand what happened to the love we had and why he left me like that, but i tired to move on and then I met your father and it happened so fast then I realized I was pregnant with shally”, my mother added.

“Wow this is just too much to handle in one sitting”, Karen exclaimed.

“Why didn’t you tell us this?”, I said.

“Why will I tell you about my failed relationship?”, My mother replied.

“I can’t believe Jesse is a organ harvester, what a world”, I said still in shock.

“You girls where going to be his next victims and I didn’t want that to happen, that’s why I ran after you”, my mother said.

“After all the plans of leaving this country and running far away from father’s evil attitude towards us now this just came up and spoilt everything”, Karen said.

“I know you girls are still young for this kind of life your father is throwing at you, I can’t even speak if not he will give me the beating of my life. The worse part is the fact that he brings in his girlfriend into our matrimonial bed”, my mother said with a sad face.

“Mom I know where still young, am just 19, Karen is 16, Mitchell is 17 years old. We need to report to the higher authorities about this, or a human right agency”, I requested.

“Yes mom,she’s right”, Mitchell said.

“Shally is right, let’s report this”, Karen muttered.

“No no no, you can’t report that. You know your father knows alot of powerful people, they will turn the whole case against us, trust me I know your father very well”, my mother said.

“You also right mom, so what do we do?”, Karen asked.

“I don’t know”, my mother said sounding frustrated.

“Well I think if we have to outsmart dad we have to do it the right way, first the world and the church doesn’t know where dad’s Children so we make them know by doing a simple task, and then stage 2 we do the fire ball plan we planned all these years”, I revealed.

“Yes that’s a good plan”, Mitchell said.

“I like it already”, Karen said.

“Wait, what’s the fire ball plan?”, My mother asked looking confused.

“Don’t worry mom when you see it happen you will know what it is”, I replied as soon as she was ready to zoom off.

I knew that this plan won’t be easy, but I was ready to give it the best shot, after all am Shally the first daughter I should be able to take my family out of this mess anyway.

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