The pastor’s secret episode 4

The pastor’s secret
Episode 4

Jesse is around the age of my father, he should be 34/35 years old. He saw how we complained everything we finished from the club, walking down home.

He decided to offer us a lifetime opportunity to flee from this country to another country and start all over again. I saw the need of doing it, besides we won’t waste our life for the sake of our father.

I needed my sister’s to have a good life and be free from the grip of our father. So we accepted the offer, all we needed was an international passport but we didn’t have that yet. So we decided to hustle out from our savings to get our passports done.

We told our mother the plan she was happy about it but at dame time her heart wasn’t settled. She didn’t know this Jesse of a man and she didn’t know how we will cope in a white man’s land.

Curiosity took the best part of my mother so she check my phone the day we where in a hurry to leave the country with Jesse.

We had to pack so fast before our father would come home, mom helped us pack but she wasn’t happy that we where leaving with our father approval, I mean she still loves that man and I don’t know why.

We left the house in a hurry and I forgot my phone, my mother saw it and decided to call Mitchell to let me know I left my phone.

I was pissed and time was almost up for my father to come back home, so mother decided to bring the phone herself to the airport.

My mother was already in the way when she gave Mitchell a call to stop half way, saying something bad is going to happen.

I knew mother wasn’t bluffing, she is the type that is filled with the holy spirit. I deeply respect her for that but today isn’t the day for all of that.

My mother quickly arrived at the point the driver packed the car. She asked us to come down from the car, we walked away from the car to her car.

She quickly used my phone and brought out Jesse profile picture from WhatsApp and showed to us.

“Is this the man taking you girls out of this country?”, She asked looking scared.

“Yes mom”, we all chorused.

She began to cry so hard, she cried to the point she seat on the ground leaning her back on the tires of the steaming car.

“Mom what is it?”, I asked.

“Mom please what wrong, your scaring us”, Karen said.

“This man you see here, is my ex-boyfriend”, she replied with tears all over her face, our eyes widened in shock as our hearts raced as Jesse called my phone.

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