The pastor’s secret episode 2&3

The pastor’s secret
Episode 2

He beat her black and blue, even orange. It never stopped my mother from singing her gospel music, she out all her pain, sorrow into her music and it attracted alot of churches, shows and podcasts.

How we started stripping was just like a joke, one night my father came home with his new girlfriend and mom wasn’t happy about it.

Dad and mom had a serious fight while the girl was in the living room smoking, we tried to interven in the fight but our father threw us out.

We stayed outside for some hours begging be dad refused to let us in, we where so pissed off. Why will our dad treat us this way? What offense did we commit?

We sat outside in pain and in tears, we started singing and worshipping God regardless of all that happened. We felt at peace, we felt like all our worries have taken away.

After we sang and worshipped God, we felt asleep. We slept outside the till morning with our mother’s hair tie on our bodies.

In the morning, our fathers girlfriend left and we went into the house like nothing happened. My mother refused to bring up the matter and we refused to talk to our father.

In few hours time when we where having breakfast the next thing he voiced out was “Mitchell, Karen and Shally, you girls will work in my newly furnished strip club. You girls will be my strip_pers”.

Everyone went quiet, we all looked at ourselves and bursted into tears. How can our father a pastor establish a strip club and make his daughters work there, how are we going to look in the eyes of the lord?

The pastor’s secret
Episode 3

My mother refused to say a word because if she tried to, it comes with a punch on her eyes and she didn’t want that. Mind you people I’m church wasn’t aware that we are his children, they didn’t realize we stay with our father the pastor.

My father refused to introduce us in church as his childern all because of his selfish plans of making us strippers in his club.

Our first visit to the club was epic, I never realized my father had so much money until our arrival at the club. The club was well furnished and big with indoor and outdoor pool.

I saw senators, governors and other important men and celebrities from different states. I was shocked, he made alot of money from the club but he couldn’t send us to school.

My father was stingy and greedy towards us but never to his girlfriend. The whole club thing was his girlfriend idea, my mother will never advice him to, and this is jot what a man of God suppose to do.

Like where have my family gone wrong in the eyes of the lord for him to punish us this way? I kept asking myself this question till I got tired.

We started work and the first day as a stripper was hell, we didn’t know how to dance or wiggle our waist but one thing I knew for sure was that all the things going on was my reality and I needed to face it.

We started rehearsals, we where doing great till we mastered the act of being a stripper. My sister loved every bit of the job it felt like they forgot who they where and I didn’t like that about them one bit.

So I called a meeting between my sister’s and I made sure my father was present but mother wasn’t. We where all seated in my father’s office at the back side of the club, a very chill area that no one will ever believe his office was there.

“Mitchell, Karen you girls as beginning to forget who you are. You let the strip job get into your heads and you completely forgot about the lord”, I yelled.

“Shally it’s not my fault that you ain’t inlove with the business, I choose to be focused on it because it calms me and make me forget about all the terrible things that we go through”, Mitchell replied.

“Hey girls, am sitting right here, don’t talk like am not here. And beside Shally you don’t get to dictate for your sisters, they are finally seeing that they have no way out but to accept their reality, so if you don’t have anything important to talk about leave my office and go back to the club and make money for me”, my father gave a stern warning.

We all fled to our workspace and I began to think for how long we would continue like this. My sister’s where already tired of my father’s harsh attitude towards us so they had no option than to face the work.

My father never gave us any money even monthly salary wasn’t even involved, the more we made money for his club the more he takes from us and I was sick of it.

Right in the club I met Jesse who is filthy rich and was ready to take I and my sisters out of this country to get a better life, but we never knew was an organ harvester and we where his next victims.

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© Tishania Ginikachi..
© Tishania Ginikachi

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