The pastor’s secret episode 10

The Pastor’s Secret
Episode 10

I took a good look at the car and got a feel of it, usually use mom’s car to learn most of the time so I had an idea on how to move the car.

My sister’s where equally happy for me, they got inside the car and also felt the Silkiness of the car.

I was really happy, I thanked my father. “Dad make me a promise that you will also love and treat my sister’s the way you do towards me”, I emphasized.

He was pleased to hear such, my mother was almost in tears too.

“Shally you don’t have to tell me that, I already love your sisters they make you complete and also make I and your mother complete. I will always love them Shally”, he said, my sister’s rushed to hug him.

I was happy to see that all was going well, my mother bought her first two houses.

She made a structure for single mothers and orphans, she made the structure to help them achieve most of the things they couldn’t achieve on there own.

It favoured alot of them, my mother became so precious to the heart of the people.

I and my sisters went to one the best schools, going back to school was one of the sweet part of staying with my Father Jesse.

He always talked about having good education regardless of what’s happening in the society.

Our lives started moving accordingly to how things needed to be, one evening while we where all watching the news.
We saw a news about pastor Donald and how his church building collapse to the ground killing so much people who came to clean the church.

We were shocked, no one could say anything. It felt like calamity has befell him and no could help me out.

The pastor’s secret
Episode 11 (final episode)

The news of pastor Donald’s church spread like wild fire, the whole secret about him was his strip club and how he used I and my sisters as his money making machine.

Suddenly a plan came into my head, I know we shouldn’t be happy about other people’s downfall mostly our enemies but pastor Donald downfall was something to celebrate.

I quickly signaled my sister’s to meet me in my room for a quick talk, I went upstairs into my room and they followed behind.

“Shally what it is now?”, Mitchell asked.

“I was thinking about something but I don’t know if you both will like it since pastor Donald is your father”, I said.

“His was our father till he wasn’t”, Karen chipped in.

“Yeah she’s right, so what’s the plan about?”, Mitchell asked.

“I was thinking about writing a letter to the police headquarters stating all we have been through in he hands of pastor Donald and how our mother was abused. Stating the full address of his strip club and involving all those dirty and nasty politician’s who clubs and indulge in hard drugs”, I stated.

“Wow that’s a good idea, at least justice will be served”, Karen said.

“Yeah I support you on this one shally”, Mitchell added.

“But make sure your statement are valid and no one gets to trace where it is coming from I don’t want Jesse to be involved in this”, Mitchell added.

“Don’t worry, I will be smart about it.. just make sure mom doesn’t know about this”, I requested and they all agreed.

I made my statement and emailed it to the police, I wasn’t sure if they would see it but I sent it anyway.

I put my faith in God and hoped for the better, we kept going to school. I always made sure my studies came first before anything.

Mitchell and Karen where obsessed about Jesse and how sweet he treated them. He made sure they never lacked anything, at some point he even loved them to a fault and that’s what I love about my father.

Weeks passed and still no news about pastor Donald, well I guess justice won’t be served in his case.

One evening we all came back from an outing and found so much roses on the floor, beautiful decorations all over the living room.

The maids and male servant standing in a single file with so much excitement and joy on their faces, I wasn’t sure what was going on.

We where surprised, but Jesse wasn’t. He got on one knee and asked our mother to marry him, well it was high time he asked because they have been head over hills for each other.

My mother accepted to marry him and we were glad she did, it was a sweet moment to behold.

We where really happy for them and I was most happy because I always wanted mother to be happy since she suffered alot for our sake.

Two minutes later of celebrating with our mother, we suddenly saw a news on TV from one of the popular new channel making headlines about arresting pastor Donald for child abuse and money laundering.

They raided his strip club and arrested some of the powerful men and women who where behind the funding of the club and church.

I and my sisters where so happy that they finally saw my email, I was sad that he had to face all of this alone without that his side chic lily.

It seems she equally ran away when he needed her the most, I could see the sadness in my mother’s eyes but that didn’t change the way we feel about him and what he did to us.

We moved on, besides we have a wedding to plan and a new home to embrace with love.

In everything you do never forget where you are coming from and where you are heading, it takes faith and courage to achieve all the good things you dreamt of.

My story is a scary one but it was educating, what will be your advice for the young ones just like I and my sisters?

The end.

© Tishania Ginikachi.

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