The one I hated episode 7

Episode 7 final

The One I Hated πŸ˜•

I was alone in my room on Saturday evening when one of our helps came knocking on my door.

“Madam, your daddy said you should come downstairs”. She announced and left.

But as I was going down the stairs, I overheard laughter and I knew dad was actually with somebody.

I bent my head to listen to who it was and then, I overheard Charles ‘voice.

I got scared and ran back to my room.

I leaned on the door, thinking of how to face them.

What exactly is wrong with me?…..never had I ever trembled at the sight of anybody. But I don’t know how to face Charles now. I don’t even know what dad want me to come downstairs and do.

After sometimes, I concluded I was not going out of the room.

“I will tell daddy that I can’t move my legs if he comes looking for me”. I was saying to myself as I lied back on my bed.

I tried hard to concentrate but then, there came a tapping on the door.

“Who is there?”. I asked, with shaken voice.

“Me”. Came the simple reply.

The voice sounded so much like Charles’ but, the reply was too simple to be coming from him.He always answers my question with another questions.

I got up and opened the door slightly and to my astonishment, it was him, standing and smiling at me.

I wanted to scream at him but then I remembered I had to comport myself.

“Hi”. He greeted.

“Hi”. I responded.

We stood, staring at each other for some seconds before he finally spoke πŸ‘‡

“Can we hang out tomorrow?”. He requested.

“Why not?”. I replied, abruptly.

He smiled and went downstairs. I watched on until he was out of sight.

I wondered what dad said to him because the Charles I know was never a gentle man.

I closed the door and went to the window and looking out to the front of the house, I waited anxiously for some times before he came out, entered his car and drove off.

I ran downstairs to meet dad.

“Daddy, what did you tell Charles?”. I asked, excitedly.

“What did he say to you?’

“Nothing much, he just said we’re going to hang out tomorrow and…he was behaving strangely this evening… like a gentle man, I know he is not”.

Dad smiled. “I told you to leave everything to your daddy”. He boasted.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow”. I screamed and sat on his laps.

Before I went to bed that night, I ensured to carefully picked ten out of my best clothes and handed them over to our helps to iron them even though they weren’t rumpled in the first place.

“I just want everything to be perfect”. I muttered.

That was the longest longest ever. I woke up at least, five times before morning.

Finally, it arrived and I waited all day for his calls.

Could he has forgotten?. I wondered.

He finally called around 3pm, saying I should start getting ready.

“I’m already on my way”.(that was actually the first time we spoke on the phone since we met)

Immediately I dropped the phone, I became nervous once again. How am I sure he would like any of the clothes I have chosen?, what if the makeup is too heavy?, or the fragrance of my perfume makes him sick?.

I ended up putting on a different clothe from the previous ones and wearing dad’s perfume instead.

“Daddy, do you think I should apply a make-up?” I asked my dad from the door of his study.

“No!”. He screamed, without turning to look at me.

“Okay, what about my dress?”.

“Your dress is okay”. He complimented, still not turning.

“Daddy, look at me, please” I pleaded.

He finally turned and nodded.

“It’s fine”. He said and I smiled.

Charles arrived some minutes past 4pm.

“I’m downstairs”. He announced, over the phone.

Though I had been ready 15 minutes before he called but I still wasted extra 10minutes in front of the mirror. And besides, I didn’t want it to look as though I were over excited.

He took me to an eatery and from there, we went to a park. It was there that he opened up to me.

“Melody, I love you”. He professed, looking directly into my eyes.

I looked away immediately. All of a suddenly, I couldn’t stand his gaze anymore.

My lips too were sealed, I didn’t utter a word throughout . I just kept grinning all over my face.

He dropped me off at home, later in the night.

“How did you enjoy your date?. Dad asked as soon as Charles left.

That was when I found my voice again.

“I really had fun”. I smiled.

During lunch on Monday, he drove down to our branch to see me.

We both ate in my office. Much later, he stood to leave.

“Come and see me off to the car”. He said, stretching out his hand to me.

We were holding hands while passing the hall with all eyes on us. But I wasn’t bothered about that.

I also pretended not to hear the giggling from Helena and co.

“what’s happening here?”.

Our relationship was getting stronger by day and three months later, he pop up the big question.

It was early on a Friday morning (I would never forget that day), after, I had retired into my office, I got a call from Emily that something was not right in the hall.

I ran out to check it out but there wasn’t a thing.

Everything was in order.

I wanted to raise my voice at her but on turning to face her, I became startled by the sight behind me…. Kneeling there with a ring raised up in the air and a big smile on his face, was Charles:

“My love, I know we had wasted the first few months of our meeting, in fighting … but we can make it right now by loving each other for the remaining days of our lives… will you be my wife”

“Say yes, say yes, madam, say yes”. Came the cheers from the staff, urging me on

“Yes, of course, I will marry you”. I screamed stretching forth my hand to accept the ring.

I was smiling as I watched him put the ring on my finger. Everyone cheered.

After that, he got up and gave me a kiss on the lips…in the presence of my employees.

I was embarrassed and buried my face on his chest.

“Hmmm! God, when ooo?”. That was Helena’s voice, I’m sure.
So that was how our fight developed into beautiful romance as the One I Hated finally became the only one my heart beats for.

If this is a dream , I don’t wish to wake from it.

I had never felt for anyone the way I feel for Charles. He is my world and I will be loving him till death do us part.

We have been together for two years now, with a daughter. And looking back, I always ask myself πŸ‘‡


The End

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