The Nurse and The Stolen Child

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter One

Linda was still crying for some hours now,James her husband was running up and down trying to get the answers to what actually had happened

He had gone out of the maternity ward to the hospital canteen to at least get something for her wife who had given birth to a bouncy baby boy

James can’t believe that in less than ten minutes that he had gone out that his child was carried away by an unknown individual

“No,I am calling the police right now!! How do you expect me to calm doctor how?” he shouts at the doctor who is seated in his office making calls

“I understand you are frustrated sir but I promise you that your baby boy will be found” he pleaded with the angry man

“Okay but how? It is over two hours now and no report of my child whereabouts” James shouted, sweats trickling down his spine.

He had lost his patience and was ready to take the law in his hands

By this time the police had received the report of what had occurred in the hospital and were already at the hospital,they were interrogating the wife while James and the doctor were in the office

“So madam what actually happened here?” one of the police officers questioned Linda.She was a lady and could feel the pain that Linda was going through as a mother

“When my husband stepped out of the ward,a nurse walked into the room,she was wearing a mask that is why I couldn’t spot her face well.She walked right towards where I was and injected me forcefully,from there I don’t know what happened.When I came to myself my child was nowhere to be found” Linda responded while wiping out the tears that rolled down her cheeks

“Eyaa calm down,we shall find your baby boy” the police officer said as he hugged Linda restoring some hope in her

She was still hugging Linda when James and the doctor walked into the ward.The police interrogated them then ordered the doctor to summon all the nurses who were on duty that night

The nurses were summoned and from the first to the last every nurse was present for work

“Excuse me doctor are you sure,these are all the nurses?” the police asked,her face was very serious as she was a woman and knew the pain of the mother added with her work duties

“And how does a baby just vanish? We will take you into custody so you can tell us what is happening in this hospital?” she said and ordered the doctor to walk with them into the Police land cruiser

The doctor didn’t oblige,he followed the police orders even though she was younger than him.The doctor is roughly in forties while the police is in twenties

The thief had managed to jump over the fence,a grey Toyota fielder has been waiting for her.

She got into the car then changed into her clothes and threw the nurses clothes outside through the window as the car sped through the dark road and disappeared.

“So you were able to steal the baby? Wow” the driver told the woman who was breathing heavily while sweating profusely

“Don’t even say it,I was almost caught,I have never been scared before like today.Drive as fast as possible before we are caught” she said shaking the child who was crying

James went back in and tried to calm down his wife who was busy shedding tears.

To be Continued…
©️ Tony Sáng

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