The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 9

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter nine

“What do you want from me?” James asked.He was already fed up with Elsa,she was behaving like a small child

It is over an hour and she can’t stop ordering anything she wants.She took a sip of the champagne that she had poured into the glass then stared at James again

All this time she has been smiling and calling James different pet names,he has been warning her but his pleas fell on deaf ears

“Babe,I have really enjoyed our lunch today,we should go and sleep together let us end this date on a positive note” Elsa said.She was still holding Jeff in her arms

“You are crazy Elsa to think that I will sleep with you and that this is a date” he shouted back at her

“You are hurting me and your son dear, please don’t shout” she replied back this time holding James hands

“Please leave my hands alone,if it is money you want I will give you but leave me and my family alone” he said on a serious note that one could know that he meant everything he said

“What about your son,he wants a father figure in his life are you going to abandon him just like that? What Kind of human are you,You are heartless James,you took advantage of me and now you don’t want to take care of your child” she shouted not minding the people who were around

“Shh calm down!”

“I won’t calm down James,I won’t this is very unfair of you”

“Okey I will take care of the child but please don’t shout”

“You are now talking but first we must spend time together,I miss how you usually made me enjoy in bed”

“You are insane, that is never going to happen!!”

“Okey then I have no choice than to tell your wife how you slept with me and made me pregnant,the choice is yours”

“You won’t do something like that Elsa,I am warning you,leave my family out of this”

“Dare me! After all I don’t have anything to lose”

“Jesus Elsa,what do you really want from me?”

“I want everything from you”

“And what do you mean by everything,just go straight to the point”

“I want you to love and treat me as your wife.You should take care of me and also make love to me because I am like your other wife.I have a child with you while your wife hasn’t given you any child,ooh poor her”

“I am warning you, Don’t talk of my wife like that”

“Isn’t she barren? Infact I think she is a witch,how comes one loses her child just some minutes after she has given birth.I am sure she sacrificed your child to the underworld”

James was now fed up with her attitude and he couldn’t take it anymore.He lifted his hands and was ready to slap her but she held his hands and warned him

“Let us go now,I am thirsty of you” she said

They got up from the chairs and went to the counter.James had to pay for everything.The food and the drinks that Elsa had ordered amounted to over ten thousand.That money was so much that he had to use his ATM card to pay and lucky for him the hotel accepted ATM card payments

James was pained and also angered.He had lost so much amount of money to a woman who he didn’t love at all but he had to do what she wants because his marriage was at stake.He knew Elsa and she isn’t that woman who would just joke at anything

She can easily ruin his marriage without thinking twice so James cooperated.He was still doubting whether that baby was m his or was Elsa trying to pin him unnecessary responsibilities

“Elsa,I don’t trust you.Ihave to do the DNA to assertain if the child you are having is mine or not” he told her.They had just gotten into the car

She let out a sarcastic laugh that made James more angry but he had to control himself

“I know you James and I knew that you wouldn’t just accept anyone without evidence.Let us branch and go to the hospital so that we do the DNA” Elsa said.She was very confident without any doubts

“This child must be mine,Elsa is very confident with what she is saying” James whispered into his heart, “If this child is mine should I be happy or not? One thing is certain my life won’t be the same if the child is mine” he thought

“James start the engine let us move,we have so many things to do today” Elsa shouted bringing him back to the world of reality

He started the engine and drove to the hospital.He needed a confirmation that Jeff was his real son and not somebody else son before he takes full responsibility

After a ten minutes drive they got to the hospital.Lucky that day nobody was doing any DNA test so they were admitted into the ward and then the doctor did his job.

When they were done they had to wait for some hours as the blood samples were being examined at the laboratory.James had refused to leave the place without the results even if it meant waiting the all day

“I know you Elsa,we might leave this place then you come late and bribe the doctor to changing the results in your favor” he said.Elsa has tried to convince him that they should leave and come back the next day for the results but he has refused to fall into her traps

“Okay let us wait but what I know is that Jeff is your own blood and flesh and nobody can change that.You are the only guy I ever slept without protection” she said knowing that she was lying to lure James

“What! Did you just say we made love without protection?” James asked,he was so shocked to hear this words

“Yes,is there any problem?”

“Yes there is a problem.What if you are positive,does that mean I am positive now?”

“Jesus! Darling I am negative you don’t have to worry about that”she replied confidently

After waiting for almost five hours,the doctor came back with the DNA results and Yes Jeff was his son.

To be continued…
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