The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 8

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Eight

James drove back to work and asked for a day off as he wasn’t feeling very well.James is a hardworking employee and there was no need for his boss to deny him the off

He was given the off and he drove home feeling very exhausted.He thought of going to meet Elsa and hear from her side of the story but he couldn’t

Elsa is something else and there was no way he would just submit to her demands like a slave.He got home and Linda welcomed him,she prepared him a delicious meal

“Babe is everything okey? Why did you leave work so early today?” Linda asked,she was seated close to where her husband was seated

“Yeah everything is okey,I was just having some headache” he lied to avoid suspicions by her wife

He was still eating when he received another message from Elsa .Linda had gone back to the kitchen so he opened the message, his hands were shaking

Elsa had sent him a picture of a young baby boy of roughly some months old.He looked just like him.In fact he resembled James

‘Babe,I want you to meet Jeff,our baby boy.You should come over please to meet him or else… ‘

James was shocked to even realize that he had sire a child with his ex girlfriend,this was trouble pro max

‘Okey where should we meet Elsa?’ he texted back

‘Let us meet at State Lounge in the next thirty minutes,I want you to buy me and your baby boy expensive food and drinks,we deserve that rich life your wife is enjoying too’ she said and James was in no position to deny.He accepted even though he didn’t want it

“Bev what did you do surely? I hate you.How can you even think of making another woman sleep with me” James whispered to himself, ” Anyway if that baby is my son then I have no option than to take the responsibility like a man”

He finished his food then went into the bedroom to freshen himself before changing into other clothes and left the house.He didn’t tell Linda where he was going but promised to be back in a few hours

He got into the car and for the first few minutes he sat thinking about his life.It was like he was paying for everything that he has been doing, unfortunately for him he had no one to lean on

“Ooh my God,poor Linda I just hope she doesn’t find out what I have done,I love her” James whispered

He then put the engine of the Subaru into life and drove off slowly.He was having so much in his head that he couldn’t risk to drive faster,he just drove slowly while playing some rhumba music to calm his soul from the pain of betrayal and heartbreak

Meanwhile Bev has been trying to contact him but he wasn’t picking her calls as he has vowed to avoid her at all cost,in fact the last thing he wanted was to see Bev or hear from her

He was already stressed which could make her do something that could make him regret for the rest of his life

He drove and after around twenty minutes drive he got into State Lounge.The parking lot was almost full so he immediately looked for a space and parked the car before stepping out of the car

He had just alighted when his phone rang,it was Elsa calling.She wanted to tell him that she had already arrived and she has been waiting for him

“Just walk in and you will see me seated at a corner.I am dressed in white and am holding a baby, please hurry up” Elsa said

He ended the call and walked into the lounge.He had been to this place many times and therefore he knew the place very well and didn’t need directions

He walked in and stood while looking around to locate Elsa.His heart skipped a bit when he saw her,this was the first time he can remember him and Elsa meeting face to face after so many years.Elsa smiled when she saw her

He walked towards where she was seated without smiling.He had nothing to smile about because he knew that he had messed up big time

He can’t imagine how Linda will react when she finally finds out that she has been cheating on her and that he has a baby with his ex girlfriend who they broke up back in high school.He was messed up

“Elsa how are you?” He said stretching his hands to great her

“Come on, can’t you even hug your family?” Elsa said and he had to hug her together with the baby then sat

He was just about to speak when Elsa called the waiter and ordered for two plates of rice added with noodles, chicken meat and two bottles of Champagne.

To be continued
©️ Tony Sáng

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