The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 7

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Seven

“So what did you want to tell me that you can’t say over the phone” James asks.He is seated facing Bev at the hotel

Elsa is seated at a corner listening to every conversation that Bev and James are having.She has covered her face very well so that James doesn’t notice her

“It is a very serious matter,I hope you won’t hate me babe” she says and stares at Elsa as if to confirm from her what she is about to say

“Tell me,I won’t hate you whatsoever,you know I love you so much”

“I don’t know where I should start but let me first tell you that we should break up now”

“What! Why! How!” James shouted causing attention all over the hotel, ” That is unfair Bevlin,after all we’ve been through, anyway what are your reasons?”

“That is where the problem is,First of all what we are doing isn’t right, can’t you see that we are already married?”

“Stop pretending Bev,I Know you that can’t be a valid reason for you to break up with me,just go to the point.Does your husband know about your affair? What is it Bev please speak up” James said,he was confused

“I am so sorry James but what really happened is that a year and some months ago when we met hear like any other day and you had gotten drank,I let another woman sleep with you” she said pained in her heart for as much as she was married she really loved James but for the sake of her marriage she had to endure the pain of letting him go

“Jesus Christ! Bev what would you do something like that,I trusted you,I loved you” James said banging the table,his anger level had gone up,he infact wanted to deal with Bev but luckily she was a woman so he had to control his anger, “So who is this woman?Does she know me? Have I met her before? Talk woman before I go wild” he shouted not minding the people in the hotel

“It is one of your ex-girlfriends but What I can promise you is that I didn’t do it out of my own will,I was cohersed by her”

“Okey what is her name?”

“She said her name is Elsa,if I can remember very well”

“Did you just say Elsa?” James asked looking very shocked

“Yeah,she is the one,is everything okey James?”

James is confused,Elsa was the least person he expected to have slept with him

“James!! James!!” she called while tapping his arms and James finally came back to his senses

“Yes what is it?”

“Are you okey,You seemed so shocked”

“Bev,I am in a lot of trouble,that woman is the true definition of trouble,she can go an extra mile to destroy my marriage and destroy me.Ooh God Bev what have you done”

He got up from his chair and left,Bev tried to hold him to stay a little bit longer but he pushed her away and left her lying down

“I don’t want to see you from today” James shouted at her.All the people who were around stared as the drama unfold between the two

He rushed to his Subaru that he had parked at the parking lot just outside the hotel.

“Ooh God,Why punish me this way?” James said while hitting the steering wheel.He then took a deep breath, started the engine and left the place at a break neck speed.In fact he almost knocked some people who were around there

Elsa still waited at the corner still enjoying the events that had unfolded in just some few minutes.She took her phone and sent James a message

‘Hey handsome this is Elsa it has been long,can we meet,I have some good news to break’

James phone dinged and after reading the text he became more confused and distracted that he almost hit a transist lorry that was branching its way

“Hey man are you drank or what, can’t you see I was branching? Or do you want to die?” The lorry driver shouted at him and he had to humble himself

“I am so sorry,my mind was very far from here” James pleaded and the lorry driver drove off.

“You did well now your secret is safe with me,I just hope James will cooperate” Elsa said as the two walk out of the hotel

“You are an evil woman, you won’t get away with your plans,I promise you” Bev replied back,she was also angered.Elsa just stared at her while laughing then stopped a taxi and boarded

“Safe journey,it was nice doing business with you” she said and laughed as Bev stands staring at her.The taxi man drives and she immediately disappears out of her sight.

To be continued
©️ Tony Sángg

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