The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 6

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Six

Bev is still shocked and terrified,she has never been shocked this way before.The pictures had her face captured clearly and that was a very big problem for her

Elsa grabs the phone away from her and puts it back to her handbag while taking the last sip to the drink she had been offered by Bev

“Now you have seen everything for yourself,I hope you haven’t deleted any of the pictures,I still have them in my camera” Elsa tells off Bev who seems bothered and disturbed

“I am so sorry my dear sister for how I treated you,please don’t tell my husband of my secret affair with his colleague at work,he will kill me,I will do everything you want” Bev pleads Elsa who is seated like the owner of the house while she is kneeling on the floor pleading for mercy

“Bev please stand up,I am not Jesus or God for you to kneel down for me,I am just a normal human being and trust you me,I understand your pain,I won’t leak your photos if you do what I want”

“Okay,I will do everything you want me to do, just say the word and it will be done but please don’t leak the pictures and video” she pleaded in a very humbled voice

“You will breakup with James but before you do so,I want you to tell James that you made him sleep with me once he was very drank” she said staring at Bevlin straight into her eyes

“You are out of your mind,I can’t do anything like that do you want James to hate me?” Bev replies,she was determined to turn down Elsa’s demands but Elsa wouldn’t allow her.The stake was on her side and there is no way that Bev can refuse to do what she wants

“Okey I see you are ready to face your husband’s wrath,let me send him the pictures and the videos” she says and clicks on the pictures ready to forward the pictures but Bev stops her immediately before she forwarded them

“Okey,I will do what you want, please just don’t forward the pictures to my husband” Bev pleads and Elsa agrees not to forward the photos to the man after all she was interested on James and not Bev or her husband

“Good, I want you to call James right now and tell him that you want to meet him as it is important and it can’t wait” she says

“But Elsa, please understand,Give me time I will do as you wish”

“Do I look like am joking young woman? I said right now and I mean right now!”

“Okey! Okey” Bev yells and picks her phone that was on the table then she dialed James number and made a call.

The first call didn’t go through as James couldn’t pick the call and this made Bev happy.She tried for the second but unfortunately James picked the call immediately

“Hello dear,I am still working can we talk later please” James said immediately

“No it can’t wait love,we have to meet right now as it is an emergency, can we meet for some few minutes so that you resume for work”

“Can’t we discuss this over the phone?” James said,he was already curious to know why Bev wanted to meet him urgently.

“No, it is very serious and therefore we have to meet in the next twenty minutes”

“Okey,let us meet at Westwood hotel and please don’t keep me waiting” he said and quickly ended the call,got up from his chair, took his coat that he had hanged on the wall and left the office in an hurry

“Victory if anyone wants to see me,tell him or her to wait for me,I will be back in an hour” James tells his secretary and immediately leaves the office

“Okey sir but where are you…” the secretary tried to ask but James had already left the room before she could ask him where he was going.

Bev rushed into the bedroom to change her clothes while Elsa was waiting for her outside,when she was done she walked out and told Elsa that she was ready to leave

“Wait you have to wear this wire so that I will be hearing everything, don’t try to tell him about the pictures,am warning you just stick to what I told you”

She wore the wire and they both left the house,took a taxi and off they left.

To be continued..
©️ Tony Sáng

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