The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 5

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Five

Bev was in the house one Friday afternoon when her doorbell rang,Her husband was still at work and she wasn’t expecting anybody

The stranger or who it was seemed to be in some kind of emergency,she was ringing the bell continuously and this irritated Bev,she gets angry and shouts while walking towards the door

“ Jesus!! I am coming can’t you have some little bit of patience”

She opens the door and she is welcomed with a push by a total stranger who gets into the house without minding her.Bevlin is still astonished and shocked, her anger level has now gone up

“ Hey!! Hey!! Come here! I say come here! ” Bev shouts but the stranger ignores her and goes directly to have a seat at the beautiful fashioned sofas

“ Can I at least have glass of juice or something to drink?” Elsa asks and comfortably raises her legs on top of the sofa and smiles as if she was the owner of the house

“Woman you might be out of your mind,to come and disrespect me in my own house” Bev says and pulls Elsa out of the couches then throws the handbag that she was carrying outside the sitting room, “ Leave my house now or I call the police!” she shouts but Elsa seemed to be firm,she goes back to the couch and seats comfortably like a boss

“ Come on! Is that how you treat your visitors,get me something to drink,I am just asking politely”

By this time Bev was already fed up with the lady,she doesn’t understand why would someone just walk into her house and treat her like trash

“ I am done with you,I am calling the police” Bev threatens and picks her phone then dials the number ready to call the police before Elsa shows her the video of her and James naked enjoying themselves in the lodgin.

“ Now call the police and this video goes straight to your husband right now,let us see who will be in trouble?” Elsa says and lets out a sarcastic laugh

It was already two months since Elsa started her plans of monitoring James moves.She had even come to know that the man only goes to the same bar and restaurant and cheats with onlyher colleagues wife and that is how she had managed to get the video of the two in the scene by a well and calculated move

When She had finally realized that James used to spend time with Bev alone in the same hotel at around two every Saturday, she came up with another plan of how to get the pictures and video of the two in bed all alone so that she could use to blackmail them

She first started by pretending to be looking for a job at the bar,she was told that they were not looking for new recruits but she ignored everyone and went directly to meet the manager who just told her that they were not having any shortages,but she corrupted her way in by promising to give the man her body and he fell for it

She was employed and instructed to report to work the following day,which was on Saturday and that was when she saw it perfectly to execute her plans

Just as usual the two arrived at the place,they were regular customers and therefore a room was already reserved for them,Elsa made sure to corrupt her way so that she would be assigned the room and after she got what she wanted she placed a camera at one corner of the room where it would record a clear video,just before James walked into the room with her mistress

Now here she was a week after to threaten the poor woman

“ Now will you bring something for me to drink so that we can talk the way forward?” She asked smiling as the odds were on her side and nothing could deny that

“ What will you drink? Delmonte juice or Minute maid madam,I am sorry for how I treated you” Bev asked in a very low voice,the video had made her very humble

“ Just bring me minute maid” Elsa said looking at the humbled Bevlin who leaves immediately and comes back with a cold Minute maid drink.

“ I am so sorry I didn’t introduce myself,I am Elsa.I know you so you don’t have to introduce yourself”she says and takes a sip of the drink while Bev looks at the pictures and the video shocked.

To be Continued…
©️ Tony Sáng

It is now getting hotter,do you think Elsa’s plan to have James will work?

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