The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 4

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Four

The story continues…
After spending almost four hours inside the lodgin James and the young lady walked out of the room and into the car then they both left

He drove the lady into her house,the lady’s name is Bev and she is already married to one of James colleagues at work.

He drives the car to the estate where the lady lives then parks the car outside the compound some distance away from the gate then they start kissing,they are about to take the steps further but Bev stops James

“Babe,it is dangerous here someone can spot us,we shall meet next week too and spend time again” she says then checks herself through the mirror to ensure that she is okay and that nothing might cause suspicions

“By the way babe,how do you convince your husband that he allows you to leave the house on Saturdays?”

” You see Ken, is a very stupid man babe, Imagine he believes that I always work from Monday to Saturday,I lied once and he fell for the trap”

“Wow babe I love you” James says and kisses her again on the cheeks

“I love you too sweetheart,we shall talk over the phone” Bev says and steps out of the car

James stares as Bev walks into the gate,he licks his lips while staring at Bev’s back,she was really blessed and in fact James himself felt very blessed to have her even though she isn’t his wife

After Bev was gone,he started the engine and drove away back home.It was already getting dark when James got back,Linda welcomed him back warmly

She hugged him passionately while smiling,James could tell that his wife was happy today

“Babe what is the good news,you seem very happy today” James asks Linda

“Have a seat babe, there is something I must tell you” she says then leaves the husband, goes into the bedroom and comes back holding a piece of paper

She sits closer to the husband then hands over the piece of paper to while staring at him as if waiting for his reaction

“Wow! You mean you are already expectant babe” he shouts and smiles at his wife while hugging her, “So babe when did you do the test”

“I did the test yesterday but went for the results today,We are finally having a baby again babe,I am so sorry that I didn’t take care of our first born and that is why he was taken away from us” she says and bends her head down staring at the maroon carpet

“Babe,that wasn’t your fault,I am the one to blame,I just hope that one day we will find our baby and justice is finally done”

“Yeah,I know God will not let the thief get away,40 days for the thief but one day for the owner,let us have hope my love”

Elsa was enjoying her supper while checking the pictures that she had taken that day,she wanted to know who this lady was and why she was hanging out with James

She checks through Facebook and luckily there was a photo of James,his wife another man and the lady that James had spent time with that day

“Something is fishy here,so this lady knows James’ wife and they have even taken a group photo,wow! James wow! I have caught you”

She checks and realizes that the photo was tagged with the Leo’s family.She then checks the Leo’s family and realizes that man and the lady are the Leo’s family, worst of it all is that the man is James colleague at work

Elsa was shocked,she didn’t expect that James would be cheating on his wife with his colleagues wife.

“I got you young man! Now all I need is evidence that you are sleeping together,You are doomed” she says and smiles, “Finally this is going to be easy than I even thought” Elsa whispers

She could see that her plans were finally going just the way that she wanted.

All she needed was patience to monitor everything and every move that James was making.

To be Continued…
©️ Tony Sáng

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