The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 3

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Three

Despite the police dedication and efforts to catch up with the thief they were unlucky.News spread all over the social media of how a baby was stolen but no one had a slight idea of who was behind the all saga

One month later and still nothing,in fact everyone had continued with their life,Linda and James had decided to get another baby

Elsa was taking care of the baby very well and it was growing,she was happy to have James’ child but that was not her main problem,all she wanted was to have James by her side

Elsa was never lucky after their break ip and that explains why she still wanted James even though they broke up sometimes back and James got married to another woman so she needed a plan to get James to think that the child she was having was James and hers so she started monitoring James moves

As it is well known that man is to error,then no one is perfect,Elsa knew that although James seemed to be a good man he had some weaknesses

Elsa relocated closer to where James and his family used to live.She looked for a room where she would easily spot James and watch his moves

The first week was hard since James goes to work very early and comes back very late and she didn’t have that time to follow him so she waited for weekend

It was around two pm on Saturday,Elsa noticed James leaving his compound,it was on Saturday and obviously he wasn’t going to work, something was surely fishy

She immediately changed into other clothes and rushed out then took a motorcycle and ordered the guy to follow James’ car

“Madam how much will you pay me?” the tall dark guy asks,he seems not agree with Elsa’s plans

“Young Man,are you going or not,I may as well take another guy and pay him well” She replies rudely and the guy gives in.He starts the motorbike and Elsa sits then he follows the car behind slowly

James drove the car to West Bar and Restaurant located in town,almost five kilometers from his home,little did he know that someone was following him behind slowly

When they got there,Elsa unzipped her handbag and removed a thousand note then gave the man,he became happy,he wanted to give her the change but the woman told him to keep the five hundred shillings change,all she was focusing now was on her plans,the things one does for love.

The motorbike man started the engine and disappeared before the lady could change her mind.Elsa followed James closely then went and sat at the corner of the bar

She had covered her head and worn dark glasses that no one could easily notice who she was,she then ordered for a bottle of beer

James sat a distance making a call,Elsa didn’t hear anything he was saying but from the look of things he might have been speaking to a woman,he was smiling and that only meant one thing

When he was done making the call,he ordered for three bottles of whiskey and a bottle of red wine,then started taking some shots before a woman walked in

James stood and they both hugged,the lady was still young and very beautiful,she sat next to James and they both got themselves drunk, meanwhile Elsa removed her phone and from a distance took some photos of the two spending some happy time together.

She stayed and watched James,he got drunk and so did the lady.When they were done he pulled her into one of the lodgins that was in the bar,it was then that Elsa went and paid for her drink then left.She needed to get to know James very well and finally make a move,so she decided to keep calm and be watching him every weekend for that full month.

To be Continued…
©️ Tony Sáng

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