The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 2

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Two

The police land cruiser drove into the police station.The doctor stepped out and was followed by two policemen

He got inside and gave his own report of what might have occurred,he was released later but the police promised to be in touch with him to help with the investigation

He left the police station feeling very annoyed,never for once had he been this disappointed.Doctor Green was known for his integrity,he was a man who did his work with a lot of dedication

This could be attributed to the fact that he was also a pastor in his local Pentecostal church,a man who devoted to serve the Lord with his all heart and knowing what happened in the hospital under his watch made him very disappointed and disturbed

“How did that innocent mother lose her child under my watch,Ooh God” Doctor Green whispered to himself as he stood besides the road waiting for a motorcycle that would take him back to the hospital

“Officer John, assign some officers to put road blocks on the way,the thief couldn’t be that far” Corporal Bett ordered

“Okey sir” the officer replied and saluted his boss before leaving to meet his fellow colleagues

Most of the police men had been assigned to launch a manhunt for the thief who fled with the child so the officer took the few who were around and they went to set roadblocks on the way

It was however too late,Elsa had already left town together with the baby and the driver.The car was moving very fast,they drove for two hours before they got into a hotel where they booked a room and decided to have a rest.

After refreshing themselves with a warm shower the man and the woman made love as the baby was left at the corner of a room crying until sleep f took him away

“Sir we have searched for over five hours now but we’ve found nothing,over” the police who was leading the police manhunt spoke over the hawkie talkie

It was around four in the morning,yet they were still searching.The town was very silent and abandoned,some few cars could be spotted

Some of the police men were very tired and had decided to sleep at the back of the police truck

“Okay,you may stand down we shall continue later,you may have a rest,over” Corporall Bett ordered and immediately all the police got into the truck and headed back to the police station where they took a nap

It was now morning,James and Linda got into the compound only to find the neighbours in their compound,all of them were in sombre mood

“We heard the news of what happened,we just wanted to come over and give you support through this tough time” One woman said while hugging Linda

The others followed,they greeted James and hugged Linda while encouraging the family not to give up since their baby boy would soon be found and justice prevail

Elsa woke up very early,she sat on the bed while staring at James’ picture that was in her phone

It was a picture of her and James some years back ago when they were still in high school.James used to be her boyfriend before they broke up

“I will ruin your marriage and have you for myself,just wait and see” Elsa whispered and smiled staring at the young James in the picture.

To be continued…
©️ Tony Sáng

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