The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 11

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Eleven(Last Chapter)

“Beb I need you to marry me as your second wife” Elsa told James.The statement came as a shock to James as he wasn’t expecting things to go this far

“That will never happen,I love my wife.I have given you everything and now you want to take her place?” James replied back

For the few months that they had been spending some time together he had taken his responsibility of taking care of Jeff and Elsa.He had even bought Elsa a house as she had demanded for it or expose their secret affair to the wife

“It seems you aren’t getting me right,I can destroy your marriage just by myself,you will marry me or I will have to tell your wife everything”

“I won’t marry you because either way she will still know that you have a child with me so do what you want” he shouted,got up from the bed and immediately dressed himself

“Babe where are you going?”

“I am going back to my house and my wife,I can’t do this anymore,you are free to do anything you want” James shouted and banged the door behind leaving the bedroom in a hurry

He got into his car,ignited the engine and drove off.Elsa was standing next to the window watching him leave,she was angry because at first she thought that James was going to give in because of the threat

“I will tell my wife everything,God I just hope she will understand and forgive me ” James whispered while driving

Meanwhile Elsa had made up her mind,she took her phone and forwarded the pictures to Linda.By this time Linda was heavily pregnant and her days of giving birth were very near

She was still pressing her phone when suddenly some weird pictures sent through WhatsApp popped up.She quickly opened the message from an unknown persons and saw the pictures

“Jesus!! Ooh No tell me this isn’t true.I must be dreaming” Linda shouted and collapsed immediately.The housegirl had heard her screaming and she ran to see what was going on,only to find her lying on the floor

She picked the phone and tried to do some first aids to her hoping she would wake up but unfortunately nothing happened.She turned on the phone and she too saw the pictures but that was none of her business.She immediately made a call to James and informed him of the situation back at home

Feeling scared and worried,James drove faster and after some few minutes he got there and with the help of the house girl they carried her into the vehicle and rushed to the hospital

She was still unconscious when they got there and therefore she had to be admitted and attended to immediately.The doctors had to do an operation to save the baby’s life before they moved to save her

She lay unconscious for almost two hours and finally came back to herself.James was seated next to her and the moment she saw him she almost screamt

“No tell me it isn’t true,Tell me you haven’t been cheating on me” Linda said crying

James who was carrying the baby in her arms gathered courage and explained everything to him without leaving any details

“You need to call Bev here right now,I don’t believe what you told me”Linda shouted and James had no option but to give in,he immediately made a call to Bev after so many months

She showed up at the hospital after some few minutes and after she knee that their secret was out,she too decided to say the whole truth

“Did you just say that you were blackmailed to lie that I slept with that evil Elsa?”

“Yes she blackmailed me and since she has broken her promise then I won’t go down alone and without a fight,that is the truth”

“But the son she has,is my own blood and flesh”

“I don’t know how did that even happen but what I just told you is the truth.Linda please forgive me,I Know I have caused you pains but I already made up my mind to change after I broke up with your husband”

Linda’s temper had now gone down,she stayed at the hospital for some few days and was finally released, meanwhile James demanded for a review of the DNA results and this time round Elsa was supposed to be tested too

The results came out positive for James but negative for Elsa.This came as a shock for James.He picked the results and rushed to Elsa’s place but got there late.Elsa had already disappeared but had left a note on the table

‘If you are reading this letter,I know you have already known the truth.Jeff is your son but not my son.He is the child you lost some years back.I did all these because I loved you but I have finally realized Karma is real.Please forgive me,the boy is in his room.Don’t bother to look for me’

James rushed into the room and carried the boy then rushed to the police station to report the incident and a police manhunt was launched to search for Elsa

James went back home very happy.His wife had forgiven him as well as his colleague at work, although he still had the pain that his wife cheated on him with James.James therefore resigned from work and relocated to a new place to start life afresh with his wife and the two son’s.

As for Elsa,she was later shot dead after trying to shoot the police officers while escaping.

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