The Nurse and The Stolen Child episode 10

The Nurse & Stolen Child
Chapter Ten

James stares at the DNA results with shock.He couldn’t understand how he got to sleep with Elsa without his consent and even bear a child with her

“Ooh God what have I done?” James whispered into her heart

It now dawned on him that he had to submit to Elsa’s demands or else his marriage will be shuttered into pieces by her.He sat there for some few minutes still staring at the piece of paper to ensure that everything the doctor said was true

Everything was written on that piece of paper.Whether he accepts it or not then the bitter truth is that he had a son outside his marriage

“Babe we should be going,it is getting late” Elsa pleaded.She was standing holding baby Jeff who was busy sleeping

James stood from where he was seated and walked past Elsa into the car,he had never been disappointed like this day

Elsa stepped into the car after he had put the engine into life.She was happy with how everything was going

“Soon you will be fully mine then I will take everything you have.I will even own this car just wait and watch” Elsa whispered to herself smiling

James was quiet all the way,he was busy meditating on his future plans and how he was going to take care of Jeff and Elsa so that his wife doesn’t know his secret

At first he thought of taking matters into his hands by sending Elsa to meet her maker but a part of him made him aware that it wasn’t right and it is also dangerous

“That can’t be an option,If I kill her then I am sending myself to jail.I am not ready to go to jail especially since my wife is pregnant and I am still young” James thought

“Babe is everything okey,you seemed so disturbed and worried” Elsa asked.She was trying to catch James attention

“Elsa,I have warned you several times but it seems you have a problem.Don’t call me babe my name is James” he shouted out of anger,he hates Elsa with passion.In fact he can’t stand her being around but he has to control himself since she has his son.

“What is wrong with you? You are hurting me” Elsa said,she was almost shedding tears

“You know that I have a wife and she is the one I love yet you are here trying to force me to love you, Can’t you look for a man who can marry you?”

“You are going too far babe,You make me cry, please stop it.We have a child me and you”

“Yes I know that and my priority is my child but your happiness is not upto me, please look for a man who can love you back the way you love him as for me No! I will just take care of our child” James said confidently,he didn’t mind Elsa who was crying.

“Stop the Car! Stop the car! I said stop the car!” Elsa shouted.She was very angry and also disappointed

“Okay,I see you want to take a walk back,be my guest” James said and parked the car besides the road

Elsa was holding the baby while pressing her phone.She slowly placed the baby at the backseat of the car and sat staring at James

“Babe tell me you love me or else I will tell your wife that I have a child with you ” Elsa said still holding her phone

“You are crazy Elsa! You are insane! Can you even listen to yourself? I am married and you want to me to tell you that I love you?”

“I don’t care,tell me you love me because I love you James but all you do is break my heart” she said

“I will not say something like that and you can’t do anything ” James shouted

“You are daring me James,I will send this pictures to your wife” she shouts shoingJames the pictures of him and Bev in bed naked

“What? How did you take this pictures Elsa?”

“That is none of your business now will you tell me that you love me or not?”

“But I don’t love you Elsa,For real I don’t want to hurt your feelings”

“Just say you love me or else I forward the pictures”

“Okey, don’t send the pictures,I love you”

“Now kiss me” Elsa said and moved closer to James.He didn’t want to kiss her but he had no choice.He kissed her faster and withdrew himself right at that moment

“Thanks babe,Now make love to me here, right now”

“No we can’t do that,let us be reasonable Elsa.How do we make love inside a car in the middle of the road?”

“I don’t care just make love to me,at least your vehicle is tainted black or should I forward the pictures? And also tell your wife that I have a son with you?”

“No, please don’t do it,I will make love to you” he pleaded.James didn’t have any feelings for Elsa but he had to force himself to have feelings so that he could make love to her.

To be continued
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