The Master’s Bedroom episode 9

The Master’s bedroom
Episode 9
I picked up my clothes and got dressed, I was about leaving his office when Kip walked in.

“Seems like you’re done dressing”.He said and I ignored him and placed my hands on the door knob.

He held my hands and made me face him, “I really didn’t mean to hurt…”. Before he could say anything, I used my hands to signal him that I don’t want to hear what he wanted to say.

I held his hands and removed it from the door knob, I heard the door knob and tried opening the door, he placed his hands back on the door knob.

“It would be best for you if you let me go”.I told him and he stared at me for a while before allowing me pass.

I walked away and back to my office where I poured out my tears, I have never felt this hurt before in my life.

I can’t do this anymore, Kip is not a man,he is a monster, he is just a bloody sadist who derives pleasure in hurting me.

I wished things were different and that Tiffany were here maybe I wouldn’t be enduring all this nonsense from him.

“Hey, I brought you lunch”. Edward said walking in.

I quickly wiped the tears of my eyes, but then I was too late, he saw me crying.

“Ohh I’m sorry”.He said and I just stared at him.

“I had something in my eyes”.I said hoping he would believe my lies.

“What I saw were real tears, tell me the truth”.He said and I just turned away.

What should I possibly tell him?, Where was I going to start?, Is it from when I accepted he contract or when I was ready to be Kip’s S*x doll just cause I was desperate for money.

He came close and wiped my tears with his handkerchief.

“A woman has beautiful as you are shouldn’t be seen crying”.He said and I tried smiling.

” Thank you but I will rather be glad if I were left alone”.I told him and he let out a frown.

” I can’t do that, you’re in pain and it would be demonic of me to leave you in this condition”.He said and I kept mute.

“Tell me what wrong”.He said and I responded” Nothing, I will be fine”.was my response.

” Everyone’s excuse to running away from problems, I say the same thing just for people to stay clear and let me be but then in life we all need to have each other,I will let you be for a while but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ask, whenever you feel you are ready, I’m here please open up to me, who knows I might be of help”.Edward said smiling.

” Okay, I will make sure to keep that in mind”.I told him and he let out a smile.

” Have this before it gets cold”.He said handling me a bag which j was guessing contained food.

“I’m not that hungry”.I said but then my tummy betrayed me, it grumbled so loud.

“Are you sure?”.He said laughing.

“My tummy just betrayed me”.I told him and he smiled.

He handed me over the bag and I started devouring the food with no mercy.

“Calm down, it not running away so don’t choke on it”.Edward said but it was already late.

I started coughing and I watched him rush to get water, he placed his hands on my back , his second hand fed me the water of which I gulped quickly.

“Sorry”.He said and I nodded, I felt a bit calm after a while.

“I’m glad you are fine”.He said and I tried smiling.

“Thank you so much for helping me”.I said and he smiled.

“It nothing, here some particles of your food are remaining on your lips”.He said staring at me.

I watched him move a bit close to me, his hands touched my lips and by then I could swear I felt a quite different sensation when his fingers caressed my lips softly, I liked that feeling maybe cause that was the first time a Man had actually touched my skin delicately and treated me like the soft marshmallow I was and not the way Kip had treated me, with little respect and bruises to tell a story.

I opened my eyes immediately only to see Kip watching us, My office had a glass window which was quite visible, he watched us for a while before walking away.

Kip didn’t say a word to me throughout the drive home and I knew he was burning inside about what he had seen.

Why was he upset?, I mean the agreement was that there wasn’t going to be any strings attached, our intimacy was the only thing we could both share and nothing more.

I just hope he wasn’t trying to grow feelings for me?, I know I would never accept it if he says he loves me, he is a monster and would never change from his ways so he telling me he loves me is like writing my death sentence.

He came out of the car and walked into the house while I walked out with smiles on my face.

This was the first time in years that I felt like I was a woman and that I was loved and cared for, I recalled Edward’s words before he left.

His words were; You’re really a delicate beauty, I stare at you and see innocence in our eyes, your hands and eyes tells a sad story but just when you smile it somehow lights up my world, I can’t crack jokes well but just to see you smile, I really don’t mind being your personal clown”.He said before leaving.

I so thank God we had exchanged numbers, maybe he was the key to forgetting all my sorrows at the Master’s bedroom.

We were both having dinner when my phone beeped, I stared at Kip sho looked away from me and then concluded that I was going to write it.

© Obodozie Favour Chioma

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