The Master’s Bedroom episode 6

The Master’s bedroom
Episode 6

I stared at Kip who had just finished dressing up, he looked a lot different from the monster who had me all night, if I had seen him like this days before he presented his offer to me, I would have thought he was a gentleman who was of Christ.

“Good morning, how was your night?”.He asked staring at me.

” It was good”. I responded coldly.

” About what happened between us this morning?”.He said staring at me.

I buried my eyes on him, I felt he didn’t deserve any form of respect so why should I stare at the floor again, he treated me last night like his s*x doll showing me no mercy.

I lost my respect last night and he loss his as well, plus he slapped me too, a man like that is a coward and doesn’t deserve any form of respect.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have behaved in such manner towards you, I thought you were lying about being a Virgin, I shouldn’t have lost control of myself”.He said and I just rolled my eyes.

” Kip, whatever you did was only part of the contract and like you said no mixed feelings”.I responded and looked away.

” You sound upset”.He said and I wondered what made him have this sudden change if attitude towards me.

“I will be fine, I’m only getting used to what I’m getting paid for”.I told him and he stared at me in shock.

” Fiersty, I like it”.He said and licked his lower lips.

I just stood up about to leave, I wasn’t ready for him to have his way on me again, I’m still recovering from the bites and slaps he had given me.

“Where are you going to?”.He asked me rudely.

“I’m to resume work today and it part of the contract so I will be waiting for you outside”.I told him about leaving but he held my hands and before I knew it, I was sitting on his laps, he wrapped my hands around his neck.

“I’m really sorry”.He started and this time in a sincere tone.

” I shouldn’t have acted the way I did this morning, I would learn to control myself though it going to be hard to resist you I will try”.He said smiling at me.

I watched his eyes and I could see he was being sincere.

“I promise you that I would only try to get intimate with you only if you want it, I wouldn’t try forcing you”.He said again and I nodded.

He held my hands and kissed it, ” I would respect you because you deserve full respect, you kept your virginity for this long Amber, I know you’re 26 years old, I had a detective tell me things about you and I was so shocked last night to find out you were a virgin, you’re really a good woman, I respect you for that”.He said and I smiled.

That all I needed for him, respect!

“I was wrong about a virgin not being in Nigeria and I’m sorry for saying that, if you could be one them there are virgins out there”.He said and pecked my cheeks.

” You’re really beautiful and attractive permit me to say sexy, that just why I can’t resist you even when I try”.He said and I wondered if I should smile .

“I’m about to take my bathe and I know I shouldn’t be asking you this but I would have loved it if you join me”.He said and smiled.

He had a charming smile but that wasn’t going to make me fall for this temptation.

I stood up and said “I will be waiting for you outside Master Kip”.was my response before leaving.

That was written on top of his door before entering you would see a label that says “The Master’s Bedroom”.

I walked out and walked downstairs when I met Vera my personal maid.

“Ma’am” .She called walking to my direction.

” Good morning vera”.I said calmly.

” Morning ma’am, I think I have found the cause of the weird noises last night”.She said staring at me.

” Hmm”.I said and she smiled.

” One of the bodyguards killed a cat who was groaning and m*****g all night from the food poisoning expected for a rat”.Vera said and I heaved a sigh of relief.

” Oh that good”.I told her and she smiled.

Mr Kip came over dressed in a blue tuxedo, I wore a dress that looked quite cooperate from the rest of the clothes.

We both didn’t say anything, we were only allowed to talk or have any conversations in the bedroom, our conversation was only based on me satisfying him so there wasn’t much to talk about, plus no strings attached.

I buried my eyes on the road as the driver drove that was when my mind played back what he had said;

, ” I would respect you because you deserve full respect, you kept your virginity for this long Amber, I know you’re 26 years old, I had a detective tell me things about you and I was so shocked last night to find out you were a virgin, you’re really a good woman, I respect you for that”.He said and I smiled.

So he had researched about me but when?, It only being two days I knew him so when did all this happen?.

I turned to ask him and that was when the car stopped we were at work and part of the contract was that I don’t have a conversation with him, no strings attached, we were only partners or anything else when j was satisfying him.

I watched him come out of his car and I did the same, I was left all alone by the bodyguards as everyone followed him.

I recalled I was only known when I’m at his house and not at work, that was also part of the contract.

I walked in hearing everyone say “Good morning Sir, Happy Valentine’s day”.

Kip didn’t reply he just walked away and that was shocking, so he was this rude at work and when he was with me in bed, he couldn’t stop saying sorry.

I wondered what type of a man was he, I walked to my office and I was sure I heard people muttering “She is back”, “Wow that fast”, “This girl just have had a charm for her to still be hired here”, ” You dressed beautifully today not that outdated gown she wore last time”.I heard and I felt upset, I hated the fact that the rich can easily point and insult the poor or middle class.

I walked up to that girl in anger.

“Repeat what you just said” .Was what I told her.

” I don’t repeat things, since you heard me don’t play deaf”.She responded and I didn’t know when I slapped her.

She slapped me back and that was when I pushed her to the floor, we were both at each other, none wanting to let go.

“You rich people think you can talk to everyone in the same manner”.I said upset.

She was already bleeding and u had a scratch when the security guards had dragged the both of us to the boss office.

“Lora tell me what made you disgrace my company name? “.Kip asked his eyes away from me.

I knew I was done for but then I was sick and tired of the rich and their attitude, the way they treated the poor with so little respect.

“Sir I was on my own talking to my friends when this lunatic came to me and started hitting me for no reason at all”.She said and I got upset even more.

” Liar, it would be best for you if you tell the truth now”.I told her but she rolled her eyes.

” Sir it the truth, look at me sir, I’m injured and in pains as well”. Lora said and I wanted to say something Kip raised his hands telling me to keep shut.

I bit my lower lips already upset, I tried controlling my anger right there.

“Lora, I would make sure to get your wounds treated but that doesn’t mean you would still work here, after your recovery I need a resignation letter from you, you’re fired”.He said and I could see Lora’s face, she walked out grumbling “It not fair sir”.

I was about leaving when Kip held my hands “And where do you think you are going to?, You disgraced my company and me as well so you should be ashamed of yourself”.

” You?, I disgraced you, tell me how, I was the one fighting and not you”.I said quite upset.

” It seems you have forgotten you are mine and I bought to have you satisfy my needs”.He said and I removed his hand grip from mine.

“That makes you no different from Lora, you rich people think you have every right to obtain or say anything you want just because you are rich, let me make it clear to you now, I’m only yours just for a month and from the looks of it, a day is gone so stop ranting every time about me being yours” .I said and tried walking away when he held me.

He pinned me to the wall, his hands running across my waist. He leaned over and bit my lips so hard that I was bleeding.

“That hurt right?”.He asked me while I groaned in pains.

“That how bad I would hurt you if you ever try insulting me or leaving me when the contract is not over but then”.He said and licked my blood stains of my lips with his tongue.

“When you do as I please and dance to my tunes, I would make sure no one ever hurt you not even me”.He said and released his grip from my buttocks.

“Amber you are all mine so don’t you dare think you can disrespect me or do as you please, don’t you dare try to hurt me?, Remember I could end the contract as I please and get another slut like you to satisfy me all I want”.He said and I tried struggling to get of his grip.

” I’m not a slut”.I fired at him.

“A market is a place where buying and selling takes place and you have become one as I’m buying your virginity with my money and you’re selling it to me for money and I’m sure that what slut do to earn a living”.He said mockingly.

To think I thought he had changed, he was only a self-centered disgusting man.

I spat on him and pushed him away “That how low I see you”.I told him and tried leaving but he came at me and slapped me.

“Tramp!” He screamed and I kicked him hard on his private area.

“Bastard, go fight a real man out there and stop trying your chances with me, I will teach you to give a woman respect”.I said again and repeated my action watching him groan in pains.

“You think you have the world now that you have a lot of cash to give out, I’m not selling my body to you because I want to but cause of desperation, many girls like me fall victims to your irritating temptations only because men like you make it hard for us to get hired in your company, scum bag I pray you groan in pains”.I said and walked out after watching roll on the floor in pains.

© Obodozie Favour Chioma

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