The Master’s Bedroom episode 4

The Masters Bedroom
Episode 4

I came out dressed up and went back in trying at least a few dresses and I got the night wears as well, I was done shopping and I couldn’t find Mr Kip forlad anywhere only his bodyguards.

They directed me out of the boutique and into the car where they drove off.

“Please ma’am come out we are here”.The bodyguards said opening the car door for me, they helped me out with the shopping bags and when I asked for my luggage filled with my clothes, they said they were instructed by their boss to throw whatever outdated clothes were in there.

“What!” I exclaimed in shock.

“Why would he do that?”.I asked upset

What was he trying to prove?, That he was wealthy and I could only afford out dated clothes. His Ego is just too much and I don’t know if I can endure it for long.

“Arrogant fool!” I said upset.

“Come in, I will show you your personal maid”.The body guard said leading me in.

My eyes almost popped out, this was a paradise not a house, I couldn’t believe just a man owned this, I’m so sure he is living with his family.

I wondered what he would tell his parents when I walk in or what excuse he would tell them for making me stay with him.

I walked in and saw a long line of maids welcoming me in.

“Hello I’m vera, your personal maid”.A lady who looked five years older than me said giving me a welcoming smile.

“The boss asked that you show her to bedroom”.Another body guards said giving her my shopping bags.

She smiled and walked me into a large room and I was guessing it was mine.

“It next to The Master’s bedroom”.She said and winked at me.

What was that wink for?, How many ladies have being here?, Have this vera lady being the one welcoming the ladies in?, What going on?.I asked myself feeling a bit scared and confused.

I just couldn’t hold myself any longer, I had to ask.

“How many ladies have being here?”.I asked her and she let out a smile.

“I can’t answer that for you, there are rules here and whatever happens here has to be kept a secret”.She said and I stared at her not convinced.

“Alright, where’s the boss or Master’s family members?”.I asked so sure I didn’t any of them.

” The Master’s stays Alone”.She said and opened the closest to put my dresses but I stopped her.

“I can do it myself”.I said collecting the bag from her but then the night wear and matching bikinis fell and was on the ground.

“Ohh?”.She said picking it up.

I felt extremely embarrassed and wished for the ground to open up, I wished I could erase what she had seen, I wonder how low she could think of me.

“I would leave you to it then”.She said and walked out.

I banged the door upset, I had just finished arranging the clothes in the closet and undressed, I was only putting on a towel when Mr Kip forlad walked in.

“Can’t you knock?”.I asked rather irritated.

” It my house”.He said and locked the door.

What he trying to do?, I thought he said he wouldn’t do anything until I’m ready.

“I’m sorry I left you all alone in the boutique, I had to attend a meeting”.He said smiling, he made his way to my bed sitting on it.

” Mr Kip?, Um sir I need to shower”.I told him and he let out a smile.

” Ohh that good, do you want me to join you? “.He asked in a polite tone.

What this mad man saying?, Why would I want him to shower with me?, I thought he said he wanted to be a gentleman and wait for me to get accustomed to all this.

I stared at him in shock, his hairy legs falling me, he had only a boxer on by now.

“Should I take it off”.He said pointing at the boxers. I didn’t know when I screamed “No”.

“I’m sorry but I’m just not ready for all this”.I said and ran into the bathroom, I locked it and waited for a while, when I heard the door open, I knew he was gone.

I took my bathe and came out to find a short night wear and a note on it.

“I’m not paying you for all these drama, I gave you a choice and you made it, it late now, pack your belongings and get ready because by tomorrow you would be leaving my house, I can’t deal with all these nonsense and about the contract it off, I didn’t know I was dealing with a little child, I thought it was a matured woman who could make her own decisions without looking back, by tomorrow I don’t want you here but if you’re still interested then after dinner, get dressed in that and by 12:00am I want to see you in my room”.

I sat on my bed as tears ran down my cheeks, I wasn’t ready for all these but then I needed the money that Man is really evil and wicked.

I swallowed hard after dinner and got dressed, I walked out of my room and walked a bit, his room was next to mine, I checked the time, it was almost 12:00am and that was when it occurred to me that it would be valentines day the next day.

12:00 on the dot, I knocked on the door knowing fully well that all the maids and bodyguards were asleep.

“Yes, who is that?”.I heard and I exhaled.

” It Amber Mr Kip”.I answered back and I could hear footsteps.

He opened the door and welcomed me in, he was pleased to see me and neither was i.

His room was large and it looked more like an office with a bed.

“Have a seat”.He said and poured out a cup with liquor.

I did a instructed and watched him stare closely at me.

“Why did you run yesterday?”.He asked and I stared at the floor trying to escape his fiery eyes.

“I wasn’t ready”.I answered him.

“And you think you are ready now?”.He responded rather rudely.

I didn’t respond.

” Well I wouldn’t say, you made the wrong choice, it five million dollars we are talking about”.He said and smiled.

” I had no choice, I needed that money Mr Kip”.I said my eyes still staring at the floor.

” Call me Kip Mr Kip is just to formal for me besides the relationship we would share doesn’t require formalities”.He said and winked at me.

” Hmm”. I said and he walked up to me.

” It valentine day today, hope you’re aware?” .He asked me and I just nodded.

” Here, have this”.He said handling me a gift.

“Thank you Mr Kip, sorry kip but I can’t accept it”.I said and he sat close to me.

” It a gift and not a marriage proposal”.He said and opened the gift.

He brought out a little box and brought out a gold necklace, he lifted my head up and helped me wear it.

“You look beautiful, I would love to watch you dance, could you do that? “. He said smiling.

” Wait, don’t tell me you think we would just stare at each other all day, I’m not paying you just for that”.He asked and I knew he was making sense.

” I can’t dance”.I told him.

“What can you do?” He asked and I knew he was already drunk, two bottles of liquor did the trick.

He held my waist and reached for my night gown.

“Please kip don’t do this”. I begged.

“Why shouldn’t I?”.He asked.

“You promised me”.I tried saying.

“Promise can be broken plus you don’t expect me to control myself when you look this attractive”.He said and laid me down slowly on the bed.

” Please give me time, I’m not ready”.I said about leaving but he held me back.

” How much time do you expect me to give you?, You made your choice to stay”.He said holding my hands.

” I can’t do this now, I’m still a virgin”.I said and he laughed mockingly.

” You’re joking right”.He said and continued laughing.

” No, I’m not”. I told him and he stopped laughing.

” There’s no virgin out there in Nigeria so stop fooling yourself, you could have just come clean and tell me you don’t want to do it now”.He said and got up.

” You have only one two hours to think about it”. He said staggering.

I was about leaving when he held me back ” Think wisely because the next time I have you in my arms, I promise not to let you go, I get what I want and keep getting it”.He said and released my hands from his hard grip.

I walked out wondering why I was holding back, I had signed that contract and so I should be ready for whatever I have to face.

Then what was up with this man, first he says he is not a gentleman later he gives me time to think, what does he want, I have spent a day here out of 31 days but u wasn’t sure he even counted it as a day because I had refused to bathe with him.

© Obodozie Favour Chioma

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