The Master’s Bedroom episode 2

The Master’s bedroom
Episode 2
I stood up immediately ready to reject his offer when he said

“It a matter of choice, I’m not forcing you, just think about it and yes I need you to do that for a month, I promise to pay you 2 million dollars just for it”.He said and I was about leaving when he said

“5 million dollars and that my limit” He stood up and handed me his business card.

” Call that number when you change your mind”.

I walked out of his office with my bag hoping I never show my face here again.

I got home that night and soaked the remaining cassava flakes I could find in the house, I managed to sleep even with the painful pain I was receiving and the grumbling noise I was hearing from my tummy.

My mind played back the whole event and I wondered if I should just accept the offer, my rent was due and my landlord would stop at nothing threatening me he would make sure I spend a week in prison since I can’t pay my dues.

I was getting tired of begging and expecting my neighbors to take pity on me so I could eat well.

I woke up, turned on the torchlight I could find and I opened my purse searching deeply for the card.

I didn’t understand why I had that bright smile on my face when I saw the card. I recalled the man’s words:

“5 million dollars and that my limit”.

” Call that number when you change your mind”.

Those words kept on playing repeatedly in my head.

” What is this Lord?”.I asked myself wondering if desperation and poverty was the reason why I wanted to fall for this tempting offer.

But then I had promised my mum I was only going to give out my v1rginity to my husband before she died.

“Who cares about you keeping your v1rginity?, It best you go after that man before you die of poverty and hunger”.My mind came at me.

This was surely the devil at work but then I had no choice here, it either I learn to live under the bridge or I accept my fate and go after this great opportunity.

My eyes was still fixed on the card and before I knew it, I saw myself dialing his number, with the little airtime I had, I placed the phone on my ear hearing the phone ring.

My heart raced, this was a choice and I had made my choice writing my destiny and selling my v1rginity just to have a pleasant meal ok my table.

But then 5 million dollars can go a long way in my life and it could make my life all better.

I dialed the number again by then I kept on wondering why a rich man like that would want to give out 5 million dollars to a girl he wasn’t aware of, plus he could go out and get pr0stitute who w0uld satisfy his urge just for 20 thousands and if he is lucky 5 thousand.

Was this a trap?, After mum got deported from U. K after I was born, we were sent back to Nigeria where we both are from hands to mouth from the story I was fed or told, my dad had gotten married to another woman precisely a white american maybe my mum wasn’t of any use to him but what about me, he could have taken me along with him and not leave me to suffer like this.

“Hello, who is this?”.I heard and my heart raced.

“Am.. Amber.. Amber Karl the girl you gave your business card too”.I stammered.

“Ohh?, So have you thought about my offer”.He asked and I nodded then it occurred to me that he can’t see me.

” Yes I have but I also have my conditions” .I told and I could tell he was smiling.

“What conditions?, I can’t go above that 5 million dollars”.He said and I responded ” No sir, I’m just confused about something”.

“And what that?”.He asked.

” Why me?, You don’t even know me, why do you want me to warm up your bed and for that amount too”.I asked and he chuckled.

” Relax, let just say when I saw you I liked you, I had my eyes on you and wanted you so a month with you is enough to quench this fire inside of me burning for you”.He said and I wondered if he had love or just lust for me.

“Hmm okay”.I responded.

“Yeah, send me your address my boys would come get you and yes I want you to sign a contract”.He said and wondered what contract.

” What contract?” I asked him.

“You would get a job in my office as well as what you would do to satisfy me, I want you to stay with me for till the one month contract ends and yes when the contract expires you should never show your face to me again and two we are both not allowed to have any other close relationship other than what we would share, no strings attached”.He said and I agreed.

” Good, send your address and we will see tomorrow”.He said and hanged up.

I breathed in and out and wondered what my new life would be in the Master’s Bedroom.

© Obodozie Favour Chioma

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