The Master’s Bedroom episode 10

The Master’s bedroom
Episode 10
Kip didn’t say a word to me throughout the drive home and I knew he was burning inside about what he had seen.

Why was he upset?, I mean the agreement was that there wasn’t going to be any strings attached, our intimacy was the only thing we could both share and nothing more.

I just hope he wasn’t trying to grow feelings for me?, I know I would never accept it if he says he loves me, he is a monster and would never change from his ways so he telling me he loves me is like writing my death sentence.

He came out of the car and walked into the house while I walked out with smiles on my face.

This was the first time in years that I felt like I was a woman and that I was loved and cared for, I recalled Edward’s words before he left.

His words were; You’re really a delicate beauty, I stare at you and see innocence in our eyes, your hands and eyes tells a sad story but just when you smile it somehow lights up my world, I can’t crack jokes well but just to see you smile, I really don’t mind being your personal clown”.He said before leaving.

I so thank God we had exchanged numbers, maybe he was the key to forgetting all my sorrows at the Master’s bedroom.

We were both having dinner when my phone beeped, I stared at Kip who looked away from me and I held my phone and went through the text message Edward sent to me “How is the prettiest girl in the world doing?”.I smiled reading it and when I looked up, Kip’s eyes was on me.

He looked away immediately while I responded “She became fine on seeing your text”.

I smiled, dropped my phone and continued eating, Kip observed me for a while without saying a word and somehow I didn’t care to know why he was been silent.

Another text came through again and I was sure, he was irritated, I took my phone again and then went through it “Something inside of me told me that you smiled on seeing my text, is that true? “.Was the next text and I smiled.

” Maybe”Was my response and I continued eating.

“Who keeps on texting you?”.I heard Kip say and I wondered why he is bothered about that.

“A friend, Why do you ask?”.I asked him and he looked away.

He didn’t respond and I cared less, my phone beeped again by then j was done eating “Please tell me if you did because it will make the happiest man in Earth if you did”.Was his response and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, I even chuckled too and i was sure Kip got irritated.

“Tell Edward to stop texting you”.He said shocking me.

How was he able to know it was Edward?.

“Hmm, I’m done eating”.I said standing up to leave.

” Hold on”.He said and I did.

“What Kip?”.I asked and he pointed at my cellphone.

“You forgot that and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on his texts messages”.He said and I rolled my eyes immediately.

I was about going when he stood up and came close.

What does he want again?.

“Amber”.He called softly.

“What Kip?”.I asked staring at him.

“Don’t you dare spread your legs for Edward, You are mine and only mine”.He whispered softly and walked away.

Who does this mad man think I am?, A cheap slut who opens her legs to every man who approaches her.

“Just my smile could make you feel this way”.I texted Edward and walked into my room.

I dropped my phone on a desk close to my bed, undressed and walked into the bathroom to shower, I had just turned on the shower when I felt a hand wrapped around my waist.

I was about screaming when the hand held my mouth, I bit it as hard as I can and was about to make a move out when Kip dragged me close.

“Shhhshhh it me”.He said and I held myself from strangling him right there.

” What are you doing here?”.I asked and quickly wrapped myself in a towel.

He stared at me for a while without saying a word “Didn’t you hear what I said?”.I asked him again and he let out a smile.

” I don’t know”.Was his response and I wondered why he had been busy strange lately.

“I really don’t know what is wrong with me”.He said and I just rolled my eyes hoping this wasn’t an already set plan to deal with me.

“Tell me Kip, what you’re doing here?”.I asked him moving two steps away from him.

“I’m allowed to be here, aren’t I?”.was his response.

“I never invited you into my bathroom”.I told him.

” I’m paying for all this”.Was his response.

” Of course”.I said sarcastically.

” Amber, what are you doing to me?”.He asked dragging me close.

“I’m not getting you”.I told him and then for a while he said nothing.

What making this man act strange and have a sudden change of attitude towards me.

“What going on with you Kip?”.I asked again and he said the strangest thing.

“I just want to be in your arms, I just want to wrap my hands around you, please let me do that”.He begged and I got scared immediately.

” Is this some kind of trap or punishment?”.I asked him getting scared.

” No, it not”.He said and held my hands.

“I don’t understand what I’m feeling, I too don’t get what I’m doing right now but I felt the urge to be with you now”.He said and I removed his hands gently from my waist.

” Please sir go, I just need to shower”.I said immediately scared of what he would say next.

He had specially told me no strings attached now why is he acting all strange towards me?.

“Can I please shower with you?”.He begged, I wondered if there was any reason hiding my body from him since he had seen it all and the second reason I had willingly agreed to it was because he might do something harsh to me if I refused.

I only nodded while he let out a smile, he untied my towel and held it, enjoying the glances he was stealing from my body.

“You are really attractive Amber”.He said and I looked away.

He held my waist caressing my body softly while I closed my eyes and bit my lips.

While caressing my body, I would scream a little and I was sure he noticed it.

His hands was still on my body and I was sure by now he had figured out why I was screaming.

I had injuries everywhere in my body, he had disfigured and caused by body so much pains.

His hands went across the nape of my neck and from there, he could see bites, he had given me “Ouch”.I screamed out and by then I felt his hands was removed.

I opened my eyes immediately on seeing his wrap me with a towel. What going on?,I just had to ask him.

“Kip don’t you want to shower with me?”.I asked him and he turned his back to face me.

That was the first time I have ever heard him say those words to me, I was so sure he was in tears as a drop came rushing from him to the floor. What going on with kip?.

“Amber I’m really sorry, I don’t have any right to you, I have only treated you poorly with so little respect, I feel ashamed of myself now, I hate myself for what I did, I became a monster trying to quench my thirst for your body, I became a monster trying to have a taste of your body, I lured you to my bed with my money because I knew you were desperate, I have wronged you badly, I just can’t believe I was the one who did that to you, my thirst for sex as driven me to this point where I no longer respect any woman, you deserve all the respect and I have taken that respect from you, forgive me”. He begged and walked away leaving me in shock.

© Obodozie Favour Chioma

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