The local champion episode 6

Local champion 6 (end)

Immediately the vigilante men caught Kevwe, they gave him a few slaps. While Kevwe received the slaps, he begged them to take him away from there. “I no be thief oo. Abeg make una carry me comot from here. Anything wey una wan do me, make una carry me comot oo. Even if na police station, carry me go”, Kevwe begged.

The vigilante men were surprised at the awkward request Kevwe was making. Ordinarily, when thieves are caught, they usually begged for their lives. But in Kevwe’s case, he was vehemently begging to be taken out of there. He didn’t care much about what would happen to him afterwards.

The head of the vigilante group found that odd and asked Kevwe why he so desperately wanted to be taken out of that place. “She wan take fvrck kill me”, Kevwe replied desperately. That amused the vigilante men and they laughed so hard. After the laughter, the head of the group inquired further.

“Oga, I never spend reach one day inside that house but I don fvrck five women. No be say na once and no be say na normal woman. Na heavy duty and they no dey tire. Oga, as I dey talk to you now, wetin remain inside me na only air. That woman wan kill me”, Kevwe lamented. That cracked the vigilante men up and they laughed again. But they understood what Kevwe meant.

They asked him how he ended up in the house of the woman who he claimed wanted to kill him with sex. Then, Kevwe made another confusing revelation which left the men of the vigilante group wondering whether he was mentally stable. When he told them that the last thing he remembered was going to bed in his village home and waking up in Asaba, they thought he was mentally unstable.

They decided to return him to the house. As they knocked loudly on the gate, Kevwe begged them to take him away. “Oga, una dey take me to where I go die oo. Abeg, no return me to that woman. She go kill me with fvrck”, Kevwe kept begging.

After a while of banging hard on the gate, madam Isioma came out. When she opened the gate and saw Kevwe with the security men, she was surprised. She thought Kevwe was sleeping and never imagined he’d be outside the gate. “Madam, you know this man? We catch am jumping the fence”, the head of the vigilante group asked Isioma.

Isioma hastily told them that Kevwe was her younger brother who was mentally deranged. She thanked them for bringing him back to her while Kevwe screamed that she was lying. Just as Isioma was closing the gate, Kevwe shouted “so this is how I went back to my death” in Urhobo language.

One of the vigilante men who was from Urhobo heard that. He quickly stopped them and spoke to Kevwe in their language. Kevwe told him all that had happened and how he ended up in Isioma’s house. He also told him that allowing him back into the was letting him into a slaughter house.

After the discussion, the man was convinced that Kevwe was telling the truth. To further prove that, he asked Kevwe his full name and Kevwe told him. He then went back to Isioma and asked her Kevwe’s full name. She didn’t know any of his names let alone his full name. That was the last proof he needed. That was Kevwe’s salvation.

Kevwe’s kinsman convinced his colleagues that Kevwe was mentally stable and that what he said was true. They tried to question madam Isioma but she shut the gate and left them outside. Kevwe stayed with the vigilante men until sunrise. Then his kinsman bought him food and took him to the park where he would board a bus home. Just like the Igbos say, ‘nwanne Di na mba’.

While Kevwe was in the bus on his way to his village, he thought about his ordeal in the last twenty four hours. He thought of how he woke up in the city of Asaba and what he went through in the hands of madam Isioma. He realized that it was only by the grace of God he escaped from what would have been his death.

Most solemnly, he thought that if he had died in madam Isioma’s house, nobody would have known what happened as no one knew he was there. After having the scrutinized audit of his conscience, he had a genuine repentance. He decided never to be that Kevwe whom the villagers were happy when he left. He decided to be a new Kevwe whom the people will be happy to associate with.

In the evening of that day, Kevwe arrived in his village. There were murmurs as he found his way to his father’s house. At the entrance of his father’s compound, his mother sighted him. She left all she was doing and ran to hug her son. Oh mother’s love, the only love that never withers no matter the situation.

Kevwe was back home. I hope he continued in his new resolution. I hope he became useful to himself, his family and humanity.

Na who never see dey say make them show am.


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