The local champion episode 3

The local champion 3

When Kevwe came to and observed the environment in which he found himself, he was confused and frightened. Instead of the small houses cars of different sizes moving in different directions. It was around 9 am.

Suddenly, all the power he thought he had, all the stubbornness he exhibited and his belief of being invincible disappeared. In their place, confusion, fear and uncertainty set in. That was his first time of being in such environment. He tried to remember how he got there but he couldn’t assess any memories about that. His fright increased.

He wandered aimlessly along the streets and roads of Asaba, keenly observing his new environment and thinking of what to do next. After a while of wandering, he thought of talking to someone and asking where he was. But he was afraid of talking to the wrong person. In the tales about the big cities he had heard in his village, the stories of ‘agberos’ who prey on JJCs (people who are new in the city) abound.

After some careful observations, he spoke to an elderly woman selling bread by the roadside. “Good morning, ma. Please don’t be offended. Where is this?” Kevwe asked the woman in Urhobo language. The woman didn’t understand the language he spoke in, thus she replied in pidgin English. “I no understand wetin you talk”, the woman replied.

Kevwe then repeated his question in pidgin English and the woman told him he was in Asaba. He couldn’t believe his ears. Asaba was a faraway land from his village and he had only heard about the great city in stories. He couldn’t also remember leaving his village, let alone making the long journey to Asaba. As he walked away from the woman, his mind was in turmoil.

Around midday, Kevwe became very hungry and sought for what to eat. But he had no money neither did he have anything to exchange for money. The only things he had to his name at that point were the cloths wore and the pair of slippers that protected his feet from the ground.

He kept wandering and hoping for a miracle, but none came. When he became tired from walking and the worms in his tummy had started romancing his intestines, he sat under a shed by the gate of a compound, resigned to fate. He’d never been such hopeless his entire life, even when he spent hours sweeping the compound he intended to rob from. Then his fate came, a pleasant one it seemed.

As he sat there doing a mental audit of all the events that led to his current predicament, the gate of the compound opened and a car drove out. Immediately the gate opened, Kevwe stood on his feet in fear. Then, the car driven by a lady stopped and the door opened.

The first instinct Kevwe had was to run away, but his strength failed him. He was tired to the marrow. He stood and waited for whatever could happen. The lady walked to him and asked what he was doing there in a very harsh tone. Kevwe lied. He told the lady that he had come from his village to Asaba in search of work. He lied that he needed to support his parents who were poor farmers. He also said he was resting under the shed after trekking for a long time without results.

His story sounded genuine, pathetic and convincing, and the lady bought it. She offered to help him if he was ready to earn his keep. Kevwe knelt down immediately, thanking the lady and promising to do whatever work she needed him to do. After the show of gratitude and the promises of obedience, the lady led Kevwe into the house and fixed him a plate of rice and pieces of beef.

Kevwe devoured every grain joyously while the lady watched in delight. When he finished eating the first plate, the lady asked if he wanted more and he nodded in affirmation. She gave him another. While he was devouring the second plate of food, the lady told him what his work would be.

“You will make me and my friends happy anytime we want”, the lady said. Kevwe didn’t understand what she meant and he asked for clarification. The lady smiled and repeated her statement in clearer words. “You will be having sex with me and my friends anytime we want you to”, she said looking at Kevwe observably. Kevwe almost choked on the food in his mouth.

He couldn’t believe what he heard and he asked questions to be sure. “Madam, no vex. So my work na to dey f**k you and your friends anytime una need am?” Kevwe asked. The lady smiled flirtatiously and nodded. “Yes, and you will be taken care of as long as you remain a good boy. Any problems with that?” she added. Kevwe laughed out loudly. “Problem ke? No problem at all”, he said. He stood up and started dancing around. As he danced, he kept saying “wetin I dey find for up, I don see am for down”.

The lady watched in slight disbelief. She was thinking she’d need to convince Kevwe before he’d agree to do what she asked. But instead, he was rather happy to have been made the offer. As the woman was still wondering, Kevwe asked, “when I dey start work? Shey make I start now?”

The lady reluctantly replied, “yes, but first you need to clean up”.

What happened next?
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