The Lie


My husband is the best man any woman will love to have. He’s a fair, tall and handsome man. faithful, loving, caring and understanding.

Our wedding night was awkward. I laid on the bed waiting for him to join me cos i promised to satisfy him to the fullest. I watched him go n@ked b4 me for the very first time. His fine manly structure was there quite alright, but fear gripped me when I saw the huge cucumber btw his legs. “baby why will u pull off ur cloths in front of me like this Na?” I asked. “what’s wrong with it? you’re my wife, why should I hide from u” he replied and started coming closer to me. I couldn’t stand it so I excused myself to the bathroom. I locked the door, closed my eyes and sighed. I thought to myself, why am I running? this is my husband. what’s wrong with me seff. I summoned courage and came out of the bathroom. “Ify, are u okay?” my husband asked. “Yes I am finee”. I replied.

Okay let me confess, I’m not fine. I lied to my husband that I wasn’t a virgin when we were dating so that he’ll be with me cos I overheard in his discussion with friends when we’re still getting to know each other, his friends asked him if he can marry a virgin? And he bluntly said no. “even if them put knife for my neck I no go gree! I need someone experienced” he said. I loved him so much and didn’t want to lose him, so I lied. I bragged so much! I told him I’ll give him different styles on our wedding night. But here I am now, confused and scared…
To be continued…

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