The Lie episode 9


My home was blessed. I called my mom and told her about it “sharp shooter! That’s my son! odogwu himself” my mom starts praising me. “mom stop biko, it’s okay” I said. “it is not okay, let me celebrate” she laughed. This woman no go kill me. Funny woman. “how’s my daughter in-law doing?” she asked. “ah, mama that one, she’s fine oh” I replied.

I watched my Ify changed gradually, her breast popped out. She began to gain weight (she used to be slim and had small breast). But my problem was the excessive demand for things. Ifeoma will wake me up by 12 midnight, demanding for unbelievable combination of food like fufu and akara mixed together. It was getting me annoyed but what can I do, after all Na me put am inside.

On one fateful night, she woke me up and demanded for s**. Really??? why does a pregnant woman enjoys knacking like this?? I’ve knacked her several times today, But no wahala. I gave her what she wanted, back and front, up and down. I was already tired but I tried to man up until she said she was okay. “baby u see the way u asked for it and I gave u without complaining, that is how it should be in my own case” I said, feeling like a the champion. “okay I hear u, thank u. Oya rest small” she said. I tried to figure out what she meant by “rest small”, but I just ignored it and went back to sleep. 1 hour later, she woke me up again.

“baby I’m not satisfied, I need more. Give me that style that u carry my leg up” she said. “Ify do u want to injure the baby in the womb?” I asked her. “No baby, nothing will happen to the baby, even if we go all night” she replied. I’m trying to regain my strength for the one I’ve done and she’s asking me for another one. God Abeg o!

To be continued..

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