The Lie episode 6


You think I’m punishing him abi? It is bcos u don’t know how huge that thing looks like.

I got upset and walked out of the room and he followed after me “So u married me bcos of knack abi? So u didn’t even love me in the first place?” I fired at him. “I married u bcos I love you but I also love knack”. he said. “then u have to choose one cos u can’t love two masters at the same time. Choose me or knack”. I shouted at him. He got angry too

“I choose knack! it’s important in every marriage! I need it!” he shouted back. We both got angry and started quarreling. “dim’ knack will not take u to heaven o” I said. “If that’s the case then I’m willing to go to hell! ogini!? I didn’t owe ur parents kobo or naira, I paid ur bride prize complete, both in cash and in kind. Why will u be giving me incomplete food” he raged. “God of Abraham! So this thing is now food okwaya? Ngwa, Go get it somewhere else then, don’t come and kill me bcos of that!” I shouted….. I’m not sure I meant what I just said now oh.

“fine! beautiful! Thank u for ur advise. I think that’s what i will do”. he said. Just then we heard a knock at the door. “who’s that!?” we both asked at the same time. I went to open the door, it was pastor Sam, our neighbor. “oh pastor Sam you’re welcome” I spoke out loud, giving my husband the signal to go in and put something on. Pastor Sam is a neighbor and also a pastor in our church, he wasn’t able to attend our wedding cos he travelled. I guess he’s back and here to say congratulations.

“where’s ur husband?” he asked. “oh, he’s in the room, sleeping” I replied. “So early?” he said. Just then my husband came out. “No I wasn’t sleeping, just busy with something” my husband said and eyed me. Pastor Sam was so happy to see both of us together. In fact he said he has always been praying for us day and night, I don’t believe that though. He also said he can’t wait to hear the cry of a baby in this house, and we all laughed.

“very soon Pastor” I smiled slightly and Ugochukwu (as I choose to call him whenever he upsets me), attacked me stylishly “If only she’s willing to give me children, u know women have power” he said and laughed. “all power belongs to God alone” Pastor Sam said. “God bless u for that word pastor!” my husband responded. “Ur marriage is blessed!” Pastor Sam said and we both said amen as he stood up quickly to take his leave. We begged him to eat something but he insisted that he was in a hurry, he dropped a gift for us and left. We continued quarreling again.

“Can’t u see that majority of our gifts has to do with babies. We got a baby crib, a baby bath, babies pampers, a lot more. We can’t have babies if u are behaving like this!” he said…. Hmm, is it the second round that will bring the baby?

To be continued..

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