The Letter

The Letter
Episode 1

This one letter ruined the life of my mother, the moment she red the letter it felt like the ground should open and shallow her and everything she held dear to her.

As a 4year old boy, I didn’t understand much when it comes to life. I only knew my friends and how excited I got when it’s time to play. My mother Gilna will always warn me to be a gentle man, that one-day I will grow up to great but not by playing with friends.

my mother was admired by many men both in our village and far. Many men came to ask for her hand in marriage but she never accepted them, she was so beautiful that her peers became jealous of her and they grew hatred towards her.

My mother didn’t care, she believed the love of her life will find her and when he does she will know.
Soon that happened the day my father slighted my mother on her way to the market in Getting new golden jewels, anklets and bangles.

When their eyes accidentally met it was game over, my mother was so sure that my father was the man of her dreams. Even my father was super sure that she is the one his heart has been longing for.

They got married that was the beginning of their happiness, they had me two years after their marriage and my father was happy it was a boy, he never knew destiny and fate has a plan for us.

My family was one of the richest in the village, my father’s family was also rich and were know In our villiage and far.
My father is one of the most powerful hunter in our villiage, he was admired by many men. Some call him kulkan, some call him the man from the water, while my father’s name is Bilham (the powerful one).

The ways of my father are pure and appreciated by the god’s. My father had so much money and made a name for himself and this made my father’s brother Diham angry and jealous.

Diham loved to chase every women in the villiage but never wanted to marry any of them. He kills anyone how gets in his way regardless if his at fault. My father never liked the act of his brother, even when he tried to caution him but Diham will always be offended and insult my father.

It has been like that for Bilham and Diham, they are like cat and dog but they eventually fit into somewhere. Since my grand father gave most of his wealth to my father, his brother has been bittered.

He was even more bitter when my father got married to my mother. The bitterness grew and everyone warned my father to becareful of his brother.

My mother Gilna once told my father that his brother Diham once wanted her to himself just the way he deceived other girls but she declined his offer. This made Diham angry because he has never been rejected by any woman since his existence.

My father loved his brother and never thought that his brother will do anything evil to him. My father had a pure heart towards everyone and I believed that was the reason the gods favoured him with powers and strength.

At the other hand, My father’s bother Diham was one of the notorious hunger in the village. He was known for his rare and mean way of hunting animals for sport and pleasure, my grandfather never liked the way he hunted but no one dared to say it in his presence.

Earlier that day when the sun is glowing and sky was peacefully blue, my father promised to be back with lots of gift for I and mother alongside lots of meat on his way back from hunting with his brother.

I was so happy because my father had the best eyes when it comes to gifting someone something. My mother started preparing fire and other things, few hours later my father’s brother Diham came back with a long face, and the cloth of my father Bilham covered in blood.

Diham fell to his knees to pronounce my father dead, saying he was killed by a wild beast. My mother fainted, and I felt helpless. My grandfather was unable to speak after he heard the news, my grand mother developed a blur sight after hearing the news.

It was a taboo to hear bad news about the gods chosen one without a proper ritual before speaking about it. Diham knew all of this and still delivered the bad news because he had other plans.

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